UAE: Man receives Dh250,000 compensation for injuries at work site

The construction worker's right leg was amputated after a water pipe fell on him

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Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sun 17 Jul 2022, 1:51 PM

A construction worker has been given Dh250,000 in compensation for injuries at work.

His right leg was amputated after a water pipe fell on him while he was on duty.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal upheld an earlier ruling issued by the Court of First Instance, which ordered the employing firm to compensate the man in cash for physical and moral damages.

Official court documents stated that the Asian man had filed a lawsuit against the firm and demanded Dh4.3 million for the physical, moral and material damages.

The worker, who was to bury the water pipes underground, said he was at the site when water pipes fell from a pile. One of the pipes fell on his foot. The man was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The incident resulted in the amputation of his right leg.

The worker said the company didn’t provide the necessary safety measures at the site which caused the incident.

The company submitted a memorandum requesting that the lawsuit be dismissed because the worker was outsourced from another company which, according to contract, was obligated to provide security and safety measures for him.

The firm also pointed out that the plaintiff caused the injury to himself as a result of his negligence and therefore doesn’t deserve compensation.

Investigations by authorities however confirmed that there was negligence on the part of the company and that it didn’t provide the required safety and security measures to workers at the site.

After hearing from all parties, the Court of First Instance ordered the firm to pay the worker Dh250,000 in compensation for the damages. The firm, however, challenged the ruling to the appeal court which has maintained the ruling by the lower court.

The court also ordered the construction firm to pay for the worker’s legal expenses.


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