Your Daily Capper takes sports betting to the next level


Published: Mon 23 May 2022, 4:41 PM

2021 was the sports betting industry’s best year yet; bolstered by recent legalisation across numerous US states, the amount of money wagered on sports reached an all-time high, and the number of people who participated in sports betting also increased in turn. With more opportunities to bet on sports, as well as the increasing popularity of online gambling, sports betting has become a fun way for the American people to make some extra money while enjoying the athletic competitions they love most, and it seems like this trend will only continue to grow in the years ahead.

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In January 2021, five per cent of adults reported their weekly participation in the sports betting market; flash forward to December 2021, and that number has boosted to twelve per cent, a number spurred on by the adoption of legalised sports betting in eleven new states and more than a billion dollars worth of investment into the up-and-coming industry. This is reflected in the overall share of sports bettors in the population, increasing five per cent to represent a full quarter of US adults.

One industry disruptor making a major impact on this quickly-growing industry is Your Daily Capper, an established sports betting consultant that consistently brings its clients to sports betting success. Using advanced analytics, current statistics, and a passion for sports to come to their daily pick conclusions, Your Daily Capper has garnered a reputation over the years for its reliable picker for the season’s top matches.

Dabbling in international sports like soccer, and with a vested interest in the US's most popular athletics – like professional basketball, hockey, and baseball, plus a robust selection of collegiate leagues – Your Daily Capper offers picks for sports-lovers of all kinds, delivering the selections of the day for every sport to every client, depending on the package they signed up for. This has allowed novice sports bettors and established sports bettors alike to benefit from Your Daily Capper’s nuanced picks; with daily, weekly and monthly packages, Your Daily Capper’s more than 4,000 clients can find just the right quantity of counsel to satisfy their sports betting thirst.

With more and more states expected to hop on the fast-growing sports betting train, reputed consultants like Your Daily Capper are expected to continue growing in tandem, helping sports bettors across the country make the most out of the lucrative industry for themselves.

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