The rising popularity of Moissanite rings

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Published: Fri 29 Apr 2022, 3:18 PM

If everything is good, people will unapologetically go for it. This is what is happening to moissanite rings. These products have had increasing popularity among jewellery customers. Many more people are buying moissanite due to its proven qualities matching those of diamond. Therefore, it is important to understand why people choose it over diamonds and other stones you will find in the market.

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Diamond flooded the jewelry market when many people did not know moissanite. However, things have changed over the years. We now have many more moissanite products than those of the many conventional stones we have had in the market. There is a strong liking and push for moissanite rings over any other made from other gems. Therefore, this is a great option to consider when buying your jewelry next time.

Reasons for the growing purchase of Moissanite rings

Everyone has taste when it comes to buying anything in the market. We always want nothing but the best, especially in terms of quality and price. This is where moissanite beats all other gems in the industry. For that reason, the popularity of this stone continues to grow by the day. Diamond-like qualities are the top reason why moissanite is becoming a favourite among many people.

Even though moissanite is not a diamond, it has its place in the jewellery market. Here are some of the reasons why moissanite continues to grow among jewellery lovers:

Great price

It is wrong to make your buy-decision based on price alone. A high price does not guarantee good quality and neither do low prices. However, moissanite is different. This lab-grown stone is available in large quantities. Therefore, it provides a great option for those looking for high-quality stones at an affordable price.

Moissanite gives you diamond-like qualities at an affordable cost. Whereas diamond is a good choice for rings, not many people cannot afford them because it is scarce. However, the ability to produce moissanite in the lab has enhanced its supply in the market. That means it is no longer a scarce commodity and that makes the stone more affordable than other stones.

Reliable and durable

Many people are looking for durable and lasting solutions to their jewellery collection. Since this is quite an expensive investment, you want to make sure that you are getting nothing but quality stones. For that reason, moissanite is a perfect choice. It is reliable and durable enough to the point of resisting scratches and severe abrasion. Therefore, you can trust this stone to remain flawless for a long period with minimal and less care.

Controlled sourcing

Most gems come with social conflict, insecurity and instability. Therefore, this is not responsible sourcing. The push for stable communities and human co-existence has pushed many away from such products. However, moissanite is lab-grown, which is free from such social evils. In that same spirit, people prefer moissanite over diamond and other stones.

Customisable rings

You can buy either pre-made rings or custom rings. However, custom options give you the ability to choose what you want for different occasions. With the help of an expert, you can get customised moissanite rings for your use. This is because moissanite is easy to cut and shape into both large and small sizes.

Ease of maintenance

Buying a jewellery piece that will not add maintenance costs to it is the dream of every jewelry enthusiast. Therefore, this will go a long way to help you decide which type of ring to purchase. With moissanite, all you need is normal soap, a soft cloth and warm water to clean it. That way, you can maintain its glow and sparkle to serve you for as long as you want it to. Therefore, people continue to prefer moissanite over other jewellery stones.

Final thoughts

Moissanite rings continue to find their place in the jewellery market. People love them for the value they get from them. They give you options based on their various grades, shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can never go wrong in choosing this stone for your rings. Most importantly, it will give you top-notch qualities comparable to those of a diamond.

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