The journey to a global unicorn from the UAE: How Teleporta is building a billion-dollar business and transforming international communications

Alexander Bychkov, founder of highlights the journey into the world of communications, beginning with the recognition of untapped opportunities in the market


Published: Fri 26 Jan 2024, 5:43 PM

Last updated: Mon 29 Jan 2024, 11:22 AM

How did your journey into the world of international communications begin? What inspired the creation of Teleporta?

It's an interesting story. We started working on the Teleporta concept before the era of COVID-19 and before video conferences became deeply integrated into our lives. We now handle audio, live calls, and more. The communication world is fascinating because everything in the world is communication. There was an idea that this market was not developed enough, with a significant gap between what could be done in international communication and what was already available because many opportunities were yet to be realised.

Moreover, I must highlight that the journey wouldn't have been successful without the invaluable contributions of key team members. A talented CTO, whose programming skills played a pivotal role, joined me early on as a co-founder. Additionally, a team of skilled fundraisers successfully propelled Teleporta into the limelight. I also cannot mention the advisor from the MENA region with his excellent experience and family office from Saudi Arabia. Our collective efforts and expertise were instrumental in shaping Teleporta into the thriving venture it is today.


Why did you choose the UAE as the base for Teleporta's development, and what advantages does this country offer for startups and billion-dollar businesses?

The UAE is an excellent country in terms of international tourism, both business and leisure. It has a well-developed banking system, legal system, intellectual property protection, and various free zones to choose from. We opted for the DIFC free zone in Dubai, where English law is applied, and electronic document workflow is used, with all communications conducted in English.

How is Teleporta paving its way to becoming a billion-dollar business while serving the global market? What strategies have you employed for worldwide scalability?

The business idea was inherently global, and we brought on board shareholders who had already been a part of billion-dollar companies. This symbiosis of a great idea, a vast market, and a fantastic team allowed us to initially view this business as something dramatically significant.

What sets your platform apart in changing the dynamics of international business communications?

The uniqueness of our platform lies in helping companies, much like ours, that are distributed globally, or whose clients and employees are spread worldwide. We have a clear understanding of the needs of such companies.

What challenges have you faced on the path to global success, and how do they impact your development strategy?

Challenges come every day, but the key to overcoming them is the initially chosen correct direction.

What prospects do you see for a billion-dollar business established in the context of a rapidly changing global economic environment?

We see that even in 2023, which was a crisis year for venture entrepreneurship, there was tremendous growth in the MENA region.

What successes and achievements are you particularly proud of in the company's creation and development stage?

Building an innovative enterprise involves several stages, each with bright and cool events to be proud of and celebrate, whether it's creating an MVP, the positive user response to new features, or the first partnerships.

Question: What was your personal role and contribution to building a business that could become very successful today?

The initial ideas came to me when I was involved in international marketing, serving clients from different parts of the world. We couldn't always understand each other and find a common language. Every day, I strive to be a leader for the team and a great teammate, I work alot by myself and I inspire my team and partners to achieve new accomplishments.

Published: Fri 26 Jan 2024, 5:43 PM

Last updated: Mon 29 Jan 2024, 11:22 AM

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