The 8.5 tonne electric truck by Triton EV slated for mid-November launch in Indian and Middle Eastern markets: Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel, Chairman and MD of Triton EV, announced that his company is all set to introduce the 8.5 Ton EV Truck for Indian and Middle Eastern markets

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Published: Tue 3 Oct 2023, 11:49 AM

Triton EV, one of the leaders in clean tech smart mobility for the logistics sector plans to firmly establish their presence in the Indian and Middle Eastern markets with the introduction of an 8.5 Ton EV Truck by mid-November. This announcement was made by Himmanshu Patel, chairman and MD of Triton EV at an event recently.

Himmanshu Patel, chairman and MD of Triton EV
Himmanshu Patel, chairman and MD of Triton EV

Patel spoke at length about his company’s plan and said,

“We are looking at mid-November 2023 to make the Truck ready for showcase and this will be a great asset for the logistics sector as 8.5 tonnes EV truck is getting developed based on acute market demand. This 8.5-tonne truck will run 300 km on a single full charge,” commented Patel.

Electric trucks are known for their environmental benefits, as they produce zero tailpipe emissions. This can help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, especially in urban areas. Trucks in the 8.5-tonne weight range typically fall into the medium-duty or heavy-duty category. They are used for various purposes, including urban delivery, regional distribution, and even some construction applications.

Recently, Triton EV has also announced their plans to launch a 3.5-ton capacity EV Truck.

Speaking about how this will impact the commercial vehicle segment in the region Patel said, “This product is expected to make an overwhelming impact on the commercial vehicle segment because of its robust performance capabilities. The mileage and maintenance of this 8.5 Ton electric Truck will become a major game changer for the industry.”

Triton EV has established its comprehensive Research and Development (R&D) Center facility in Kheda, Anand District near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The facility is 1,50,000 sqft in area. This R&D centre has become the global centre of Triton EV’s entire R&D activities which includes the development of Triton EV Trucks and special purpose vehicles.

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