Elevate UAE business setup with KWS Middle East's new Dubai office

The status of the UAE as a global business hub is undeniable

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Published: Tue 7 May 2024, 11:17 AM

With its commitment to innovation, world-class infrastructure, and strategic location, the UAE offers opportunities for new entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. The economy of UAE is set to flourish even further, with a 4 per cent GDP growth forecast for 2024 (World Bank).

This is impressive as the UAE is building on an impressive 7.9 per cent growth in 2022. It underscores the resilience and long-term economic prospects of the UAE. Similarly, the GDP of Dubai will grow at an average annual rate of 3.5 per cent from 2025 to 2030. (The Dubai Economic Council)

Benefits of the UAE as the gateway of business opportunities

The UAE stands its ground among global destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI). Dubai's status as a leading international business hub augments Abu Dhabi's strategic investments in sectors like renewable energy and technology. The UAE is becoming a highly desirable choice for expatriate entrepreneurs by delivering several advantages for foreign businesses.

Central location

The UAE sits at the crossroads of continents, in a prime location between East and West. This strategic positioning allows you to tap into lucrative business opportunities to easily expand your customer reach. Dubai offers access to a vast consumer market of 2.5 billion people across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. (Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Business friendliness

The UAE consistently ranks high in global rankings for ease of doing business. This makes it a breeze to start a business and run operations thanks to efficient regulatory framework, and investor-friendly policies. The UAE secured the 16th position globally, maintaining itself as one of the top countries for ease of doing business. (World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index 2020)

Foreign ownership

The legal reforms in the UAE enable foreign entrepreneurs to hold ownership of the businesses in mainland Dubai. UAE's government allows expatriate investors to now own 100 per cent of their companies in many business sectors. It eliminates the need for appointing Emirati partners and finding local sponsors.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem

The dynamic business ecosystem of the UAE fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth across diverse industries. From cutting-edge technology startups to thriving retail enterprises, the UAE empowers businesses to flourish and expand their operations. UAE's non-oil foreign trade hit AED 1.9 trillion in 2020, highlighting the robustness of its business transformation. (UAE’s Ministry of Economy)

Tax incentives

The zero-tax environment of the UAE free zones for business is a key attraction for foreign investors (PwC). No taxes on profits, capital gains, or dividends for the majority of the UAE’s businesses translate into significant savings. The businesses operating in the United Arab Emirates can retain more revenue for reinvestment or distribution to shareholders. (U.ae)

Reasons to consult with business advisors in Dubai

Launching your business dream in Dubai shouldn't be an obstacle course. By partnering with professional business consultants, you turn your vision into reality with expert guidance every step of the way. Such expert business advisors help you navigate the enterprising landscape of Dubai with confidence.

Empowering entrepreneurs and businesses of all types

Research has disclosed that 60% of businesses in the UAE are planning business transformation in the next two years. They’re showcasing the resolve to stay at the forefront of diversification of the business landscape of the United Arab Emirates. UAE's economy is set to grow at a robust pace, driven by diversification efforts, infrastructure investments, and innovation initiatives. (Oxford Economics)

A holistic approach to company formation in the UAE

Top-level business consultants go beyond simply processing paperwork for company formation in the UAE. With a holistic/personalized approach, they recommend a suitable business structure, for mainland, freezone, or offshore to clients. A 2022 report revealed that a significant 72 per cent of startups in Dubai report profitability within their first three years. (Dubai FDI)

Your guide to scalable Business Success with PRO Services

This rapid scaling potential of the UAE is a major draw for Emirati entrepreneurs and international investors. However, setting up and running a business in a new country can become a daunting task. PRO services can help you overcome challenges like navigating the regulatory legalities during and after the company registration.

Why choose KWS ME?

These are the pointers to select KWS ME for your company formation and business support needs in the UAE.

●Complete business solutions: Offering a one-window approach to streamline company setup

●Client-centric approach: Prioritises understanding your unique needs

●Over a decade of experience: Having a proven track record of success

●Efficiency and speed: Expediting the company incorporation process

●Modern approach: Reflecting their commitment to a better client experience

●Bigger state-of-the-art workspace: Serving a large number of clients in the new office

A new larger Office to serve more Business Owners

KWS ME has recently moved to a brand new, state-of-the-art office located in Latifa Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. This impressive new workspace allows them to better serve their growing clientele of aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Therefore, business advisors of KWS Middle East can provide an even more comfortable and efficient environment for consultations.

Services of KWS Middle East

Here are the main services of KWS ME.

●Business Setup in Dubai

●Mainland Company Formation in UAE

●Free Zone Company Registration in Dubai

●Offshore Company Incorporation in UAE

●Business Support Services in Dubai

●Visa Advisory Services for UAE

●Dubai Trade License

●Bank Account Opening Services for UAE Residents

●Dubai Product Registration

●UAE Trademark Registration

Achievements of KWS ME

These are the accomplishments of KWS ME.

●Ranked Top 10 in the UAE with a diverse clientele

●ISO 9001:2015 certified company

●Recognized as Top 10 Most Promising Business Consultants of 2019

●Brand makeover aligns with the progressive vision of the UAE

●CEO Aqsa Abdullah received the Women of Substance Award from Khaleej Times

To get business setup consultancy services by KWS Middle East, please visit https://kwsme.com/business-setup-dubai/ now.

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