Ramneek Sidhu -- The brain behind Digital Kings

Published: Mon 17 Jan 2022, 4:35 PM

Last updated: Mon 17 Jan 2022, 4:36 PM

A few people and brands that we see growing haven't just been another success story we read about every day. There has been an individual story and a journey that has led them to reach their goal. Many businesses have created noise by evolving according to the changing time of the world and making people aware of it. Inspiring them to be a part of the digital world is yet another young talent named Ramneek Sidhu, one of the growing digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs we have in our country currently.

Just like any other youngster, Ramneek Sidhu, too, grew up, drawing motivation from the success stories he read. However, the fire in him to do something different and along the journey also help others succeed through his efforts, helped him carve his journey in the vast and ever-evolving world of digital marketing. He hails from Mohali, Punjab and today has made his name prominent across the country with his one-of-a-kind digital marketing company named 'Digital Kings'. He recalled how as a teenager aged 16, he decided to get into the industry without the idea about how he would make waves. However, his strong mental attitude and self-belief kept him moving on his path, which eventually got him closer to his goals of becoming an astute professional and entrepreneur of the industry.

His much-talked-about company has risen to the top, already becoming one of Asia's best digital marketing companies. So far, Ramneek Sidhu has worked with a long list of clientele, including Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities and influencers, which has brought the company on a global platform. Digital Kings is based out of Dubai, the UAE, and he can't wait enough to expand the business even in Canada in the coming years.

Talking about the need for digital marketing, Ramneek Sidhu said: "Trade, business, and brand needs digital marketing today as it has already proved to be the best bet in the online world with the rise of social media platforms."

"With the right kind of strategies and techniques, these platforms can help people reach even the untapped markets of the world and engage extensively with the audiences they wish to serve, eventually increasing more digital visibility and revenue," he further added.

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