Meet Arman Khan, the rising entrepreneur redefining the business landscape

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Published: Tue 21 Dec 2021, 11:16 AM

A few people in this world work towards only one goal all their lives, while a few others make sure to fulfil multiple goals one after the other. Such individuals, mainly consisting of youngsters, have changed the game in business. They have been inspiring and motivating other budding talents of the world in ways more than one and thus have become prominent personalities in their respective industries. We saw the swift rise of one such young business talent named Arman Khan, who believed in his dreams and conquered them all.

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It is amazing to learn more about his young guy who saw it all before he could make a name for himself. Khan comes from a humble family background, and throughout his childhood he saw his parents struggle each passing day. Looking at them grow up in a working-class family, he knew he had to do something bigger and better in life. He studied pharmacy, and entered the health sector. Apart from this, he also aced the game of social media and became a social media manager.

It all started in the year 2014, and since then, this young man has never looked back. From being a pharmacist to becoming a marketing professional to becoming a versatile entrepreneur, Khan has come a long way. He also owns an IT and digital marketing company in Gwalior named AS Techno Web Private Limited, under which he runs many international projects. The company is already on its way to becoming an international brand as Arman Khan owns an IT company in Dubai as well called AS Media F Z-LLC. Khan is also planning to start a new brand and come up with many other exciting projects.

This self-motivated and self-taught young businessman is an inspiration for the world who had nothing, but pure values and genuine ethos in his heart that led him to where he has reached today.

To know more about his company, visit AS Techno Web.

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