Marian Esanu's top tips on creating a successful personal brand

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Published: Mon 19 Dec 2022, 12:01 PM

An entrepreneur is known for two things – business and personal brand. The success or failure of an entrepreneur’s business heavily relies on the success of their personal brand. Marian Esanu is a popular eight-figure entrepreneur and a personal brand strategist who works around the clock to teach entrepreneurs the right way of promoting their brands. Through his tips and secrets, many entrepreneurs have successfully promoted and established their brands.

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Starting with just $500 in his pocket, Esanu went on to save $20,000. To save this amount, he and his wife worked two to three jobs. These jobs included physical labour tasks and working at restaurants. Esanu fought the complacency that the routine jobs brought. He came out of the employee mindset to become a hardworking and successful entrepreneur. Recently, he received the eight-figure award at the Funnel Hacking Live event by Clickfunnels.

As the author of the book, 'Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook For Building A 7-Figure Personal Or Business Brand From Scratch', he talks about the three steps leading to the success of a personal brand. The first step of this process is clarifying the problem that a brand solves. As an entrepreneur, Marian says that it is your responsibility to create awareness regarding the topics concerning your brand. Once that is done, your products and services should make the lives of your customers easier.

During this step, Marian also asks entrepreneurs to find out the aspects of their brand that are loved by their customers. Surveys are one of the most efficient ways to interact with customers and understand their opinions. This will help companies in two ways. It will teach them more about their target audience and help them in increasing their profit by creating exactly what the customer wants.

Entrepreneurs can learn more about these steps and additional tips by following Esanu on YouTube and Instagram.

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