Jonathan Gerow on how you can hone your skills and dominate your Niche

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Published: Sun 17 Oct 2021, 5:02 PM

Last updated: Mon 18 Oct 2021, 9:48 AM

For those with talent and grit, the world is their oyster. There are plenty of opportunities to succeed—all it takes is the will and passion for learning and growing. But with so many people excelling in the same field, how can one be unique in showcasing and evolving their talents? That is a secret well known to Jonathon Gerow, which he shares with us.

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One of the top practitioners of scalp micropigmentation in the United States, Jonathon Gerow is the founder of Gerow Hair Ink. This innovative practice that Gerow co-founded with his partner Erik Roberto is highly successful and has catered to several high-profile clients. When it comes to scalp micropigmentation (SMP), there are few whose talents are as trusted and proven as Gerow’s. But this was not always the case.

Gerow started as a tattoo artist with a dream. He loved turning people’s bodies into art, which gave them renewed confidence and a sense of appreciation of their own bodies. As a tattoo artist, Gerow brought many smiles with his art. But he did not stop there; he kept improving himself and his art. Delving deeper into the field, he came across the undiscovered gem of scalp micropigmentation. He dipped his toe into this new and innovative field, and the rest, as we know, is history.

Gerow believes that all aspiring entrepreneurs can identify their niche and turn it into their strength. To do so, it is important to keep updating your skillset. But along this journey, many talented youngsters find themselves lost and running around in circles. Gerow has answers for them too. “Observation is the key to learning,” he explains. “By observing your field closely, you can identify current trends, needs, and wants, and the perspectives that are gaining traction. This can help you hone your skills in the right direction and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. After observation, the next best way to learn is to put the knowledge you’ve acquired into practice.” Like Gerow, you, too, need to dedicate yourself to your chosen field with your heart and soul. You will learn on the job, and the lessons learned from these learnings will be more valuable than any other knowledge.

Gerow and his business partner Roberto are responsible for having conducted SMP for several public figures such as Jose Reyes, Kenny Smith, Alajaza, Brea Frank, Helpin Restituyo (El Profe), Funk Master Flex, Tyhem Commodore "mr commodore" Deron Williams, Ceky Viciny, Erik Sermon, DJ CLUE and several others.

Gerow is a wizard when it comes to his niche of SMP. He has achieved success by constantly improving himself and his craft. And by implementing his insightful tips, we are confident that you, too, can hone your skills and dominate any niche that you put your mind to.

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