How to be safer when driving on Dubai roads?


Published: Thu 13 Apr 2023, 2:47 PM

Last updated: Fri 14 Apr 2023, 10:15 AM

Tips for a safer and comfortable rides

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Safe driving is always the best driving. It is not only safer, but also more convenient and comfortable. Roads around the world are dangerous places considering all that speed and energy moving around. The road system in Dubai is faster and potentially even more dangerous when compared to other parts of the world. Foreign tourists will always need to use luxury car rental in Dubai service for their requirement. So, how to be safer while driving on Dubai roads?

Modern cars are generally gaining a higher degree of safety. Manufacturers are being forced to make their cars safer due to safety regulations as well. However, in general terms, safety is highly dependent on the way you drive as well. If you are visiting Dubai from a different part of the world, you will also not have familiarity with local road regulations. A feeling of safety can be maximised with some basic tips.

So, read through to find out just how you can feel safer when driving on roads here in Dubai:

What is road safety in general?

Even the safest cars or SUVs can always not be safe enough for all road situations. General road safety revolves around feeling secure while you are on the road. Speedier cars and wider roads tend to have cars and vehicles travelling faster.

In an ideal world, any two vehicles should have a wide enough gap between them that can allow proper stoppage time. However, this doesn’t always happen on the road. Also, different cars and vehicles will be traveling at different speeds. This puts road safety into question as well.

Dubai roads are generally faster and bigger

Most of Dubai is a modern developed city. This gives the city some of the widest and fastest roads in the world. In addition to that, locals are more used to big power cars with performance engines. Also, it is not very uncommon to see tricks and tantrums of all kinds on these fast, wide roads. Five-lane roads are found commonly with very less amount of traffic too.

In fact, there are even wider roads with even lesser traffic. Some roads that connect cities are usually very quiet in terms of traffic. All this gives rise to faster driving. Also, you don’t have to be going that fast yourself. Anyone else going too fast can also cause an unwanted situation too.

Some safety precautions for safer driving on Dubai roads

Check out the rev limiter option in your car’s software

In all fairness, Dubai roads are actually so wide and most of the time so empty that it is so easy to not know your speeds. Both local drivers and foreign tourist drivers complain about their speed being too fast without them knowing. Also, there are not many things around the roads to improve your context of speed. So, it can be a good option to limit your car’s performance. A rev limiter can be a great option. These can limit the car by software from going above a certain RPM range. Say you limit your car to 5,000 RPM. It will not go beyond that even when your foot is firmly on the accelerator keeping the car at slower speeds. This can expand road safety both for you and other drivers on the road.

Always use the lane-assist feature

Modern cars are getting very techy. A lot of safety improvement is also coming from all these tech improvements. The lane-assist feature is just another example of that. Make sure your lane assist is turned on every time you are on the road. It helps keep the car or SUV you are driving in the correct lane at all times. Whether you are renting your favourite Mercedes hire, BMW rental, Ferrari hire, Lamborghini rental, McLaren hire or any other performance-focused car, a lane-assist feature can help keep you a lot safer on Dubai roads.

Be mindful of your lane at all times

In addition to having that lane-assist feature turned on, you also need to mind the lane at all times. The lane assist only works when the car tries to change lanes without the driver’s effort. Also, most road accidents happen due to sudden lane changes. So, make sure to always change lanes after having indicated it. Turn the indicator onto the side you are attempting to change lanes. Also, change your lane well in time for any turn you intend to take and change lanes slowly.

Use cruise control as much as possible

One of the biggest reasons for road accidents and risks is over speeding. Cars and SUVs going too fast can so easily lose control. To stop yourself from that adrenaline rush and flooring the throttle too often, you can use that cruise control more. It is a standard feature in most modern cars. It locks the speed to whatever range you set in the car. Set the speed to a manageable point and enjoy the convenient drive. It will keep you safer while on the road by limiting the speed rush. However, make sure to always be ready to brake when required.

Use your mirrors considerably more

It is always recommended to adapt your driving style to a more mirror-centric one. Checking your mirrors frequently can save you from road troubles. You need that mirror checking even more frequently on Dubai roads. This is because everyone on the road tends to go faster here. Also, some modern cars come equipped with a blind-spot assist feature. In any case, use your mirrors frequently and stay in your lane when at faster speeds. It will make you a lot safer while on fast Dubai roads.

Check for tire degradation more often – replace when required

Dubai has a hot climate most of the year. This leads to additional tire degradation when driving on Dubai roads. Tires wear out faster when exposed to extreme heat. Especially for cars that are always on the road, tires can give out fast. So, make sure to monitor your tire condition regularly. As soon as you see problems with the tires, make sure to have them replaced for more safety.

What car rental options are available for foreign tourists?

Tourists find Dubai roads even more unusual. This is because of faster speeds and wider roads with much less traffic. However, when looking to get your rent a car service in Dubai, make sure to find the right service. Luxury Car Rental is one of the best car and SUV hire service providers in Dubai. These guys have some of the most advanced safest cars and SUVs available for rental all year. Big SUVs like Range Rover hire, Cadillac Escalade rental, Lamborghini Urus hire, Nissan Patrol rental and Rolls Royce Rental in Dubai are usually very safe vehicles to drive. Make sure to follow our tips above for safer driving on Dubai roads.

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