Alfredo Barulli launches VIP publicity agency in Dubai

By Deepak Jain

Published: Wed 23 Nov 2022, 6:23 PM

Last updated: Wed 23 Nov 2022, 6:26 PM

Many businesses today require popularity to make sales and regular customers that will help ensure the future of their business. Most people listen to influencers with a higher or more extensive fan base rather than those who might be advising the same things but have little online credibility. Alfredo Barulli thought of a way to launch an agency that would provide organisations or individuals with online credibility to gain an advantage over their competitors.

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Alfredo Barulli believes that hype brings attention, and attention brings money. The Italian influencer is based in Dubai, living in Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. 10X Experts works mainly with luxury brands and top entrepreneurs who want to establish a powerful personal brand. Alfredo is one of the top VIP publicists in the entire Middle East. 10X Experts and Alfredo Barulli primarily aim to become the go-to PR Agency for businesses or individuals looking for media features, social media branding, and lead generation.

Nowadays, influencers need a significant following to become the centre of attention. Indeed, Barulli has over a million followers and travels worldwide to promote luxurious hotels and resorts. Alfredo helps entrepreneurs, artists, and brands instantly become famous by featuring them in top magazines worldwide. In Burj Khalifa, he regularly meets celebrities and brands looking for brand awareness strategies and social media lead generation campaigns, becoming the most popular VIP Publicist in UAE.

"We turn social media users into verified influencers, entrepreneurs into world-famous leaders, and ordinary businesses into exclusive brands."

The UAE is a country with many cultures living peacefully, and everyone is peacefully enjoying the company of one another. It is home to the most exclusive hotels, restaurants, and brands. Every day, young entrepreneurs and influencers like Barulli are transforming many companies' digital presence by helping them to build an extraordinary digital footprint.

Deepak Jain is an independent content writer.

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