A summary of the European real estate market for the UAE investors

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Published: Tue 13 Sep 2022, 3:09 PM

Last updated: Tue 13 Sep 2022, 3:11 PM

The European real estate market, both residential and commercial, has always witnessed an upward trajectory. Despite being expensive, Europe continues attracting investors with its low inflation rates and moderate economic growth. Global investors, especially from the UAE, are confident about the lucrative prospects of its real estate market.

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Reports from Knight Frank LLP suggest, “The price increase in Europe’s primary real estate market is termed as the top five per cent of the market in value terms.” The European real estate market offers extensive investment options, whether a vacation home or commercial unit. Along with its culture and food, the continent is known for its compelling properties from extensive destinations.

European real estate is in high demand among the UAE investors as the continent is becoming an income-generating source of increasing inflation. One must understand a few aspects of selecting the right property before choosing a property and making a big financial commitment.

Tips on choosing the right property

Selecting a property for purely investment purposes, such as a holiday home in another country, business registration, or real estate, requires extensive research. One must choose a property that gives potential ROI in the long term.

Following are the tips on choosing the right property:

● Define the investment purpose

It is essential to define investment purposes well before selecting. For instance, one must state whether one wants to invest in a residential property that might act as a second home or an investment rental. It is a significant factor as it can offer high capital appreciation or rental income.

● Select the location based on the purpose

Location is another crucial factor investors must consider before they select a property. Those looking for second homes or properties to relocate must select property locations that offer extensive connectivity to metro or railway stations, supermarkets, etc. On the contrary, those who want to gain long-term profits can opt for emerging properties in slightly remote locations.

● Type of property

It involves investing in an under-construction or emerging property selection or a completed property. If you are running a tight schedule and do not want to face common project delays, it is better to opt for a completed project where you can move immediately. It does not mean one cannot get the potential benefits of investing in an under-construction project. Under-construction projects benefit investors as they invest in the property at a low rate and reap tax benefits.

● Cost of property

Investing in the European real estate market involves seeking the right price and ensuring better capital gains on investment. However, one must define their budget before selecting properties. Investing in areas with future development scope can be a good return on the investment in the long run compared to a costly location with limited future cost development chances.

Top properties for UAE investors

With the current growth in the European real estate market, UAE investors can generate profits over time. Property location that offers high future value within the investor's budget can benefit investors in the long run.

With Europe attracting investors around the world, especially the UAE, here is a list of top properties in Europe for UAE investors highlighted by iworld.com:


The classical city of Paris is famous for its rich culture and history and great food. In addition, Paris offers a balanced work culture, making it a favourite among top investors. The city has witnessed a property price boom for years, and investors can get better rentals and return on their investments. The current low-interest rates and increasing prices despite Covid-19 make this a top destination for the UAE investors.


A secluded location in Europe, Malta has attracted the attention of investors. Experts at iworld.com suggest investing in Malta’s capital Valletta, a place known for its history, shopping, dining, and business experience. The place can be a great opportunity for investors looking to relocate or purchase a second home due to Malta’s welcoming population, top-notch healthcare, and landlord-oriented environment. Investors on a tight budget can also invest in Malta’s St Paul’s Bay, Xlendi, and Marsalforn.


Among Switzerland’s high-altitude places, Davos is a great investment opportunity to generate income from its wellness resorts, sports, and conference centres throughout the year. With growing health awareness, the demand for these properties in the Alps is on the rise.


With its easy access to places like Dubai and London, Cyprus has become a top property location for the UAE investors. Limassol in Cyprus is showcasing steady growth in the housing market. The place offers ease of purchase for foreigners making it a top location among global investors.


Lagos offers great real estate investment options coupled with its golden visa programme and is based in the Algarve region in Portugal. The location is best for vacation rentals due to its beaches and nature attracting tourists around the year.


Krakow in Poland is another top real estate investment option for the UAE investors because of tourism. Moreover, Krakow offers low costs for first-time investors in addition to connecting investors with EU countries. The place is famous for its vacation and home rentals, and one can make a handsome profit by investing in a single apartment, as well.

Explore more European properties available for sale with iworld.com

The list of top destinations is not limited, especially in the European continent. More properties are available for sale for the UAE investors in places like Valencia in Spain, Milan in Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc.

Platforms like iworld.com is a leading marketplace for investors looking for properties in Europe. The company caters to investors looking forward to applying for permanent residency, residence permit, second citizenship, etc.

iworld.com features certified and vetted immigration companies that can aid users with citizenship, employment, real estate investment, etc in Europe, depending on their requirements and goals.

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