A smart innovation that offers factor investing to retail clients

Published: Wed 29 Dec 2021, 12:45 PM

Last updated: Wed 29 Dec 2021, 12:47 PM

Wealthface, the UAE-based company headquartered in ADGM, announced a partnership with the Canadian quantitative investment provider heavyweights, ActivFactor. The strategic collaboration was in line with the launch of first factor investing platform by Wealthface, that helps retail clients build their factor-based portfolio in the US market to improve outcomes, reduce volatility, and enhance diversification.

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Amid this partnership, and by using cutting-edge technology, Wealthface has recorded a huge demand for this type of solution in the market for retail and institutional clients. The factoring industry is estimated globally at $ 1.9 trillion and is projected to grow by $ 3.4 trillion by 2022. Wealthface, offers a range of solutions from a low-cost, efficient factors portfolio called smart beta to help clients manage and enhance their factor strategy.

In one of his statements, Bilal Majbour, founder and CEO, Wealthface, said: "We want each individual investor and trader to have accessibility to a portfolio managed by a platform that helps them build their customized portfolio with ease based on the sectors that they would prefer to invest in and on two main types of factors— macroeconomic and style.”

Majbour further added: “We promise our clients to provide them with extraordinary solutions, just as the ones we are presenting now. The future is in the hands of retail clients and that's why we are working with our Middle East clients to offer them access to the local stock exchange in the USA and Saudi Tadawul stock exchange, with halal investment option.”

For more information, visit www.wealthface.com.

Youtube link video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-bfeVmH054

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