Unfolding the success of a crypto industry doyen

On track to be a billionaire Alex Meurer believes the principle of magnetism brings it all back to you

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

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Published: Thu 18 Nov 2021, 1:19 PM

Last updated: Thu 18 Nov 2021, 1:20 PM

The world is taken over by digital advancement and some people have been intelligent enough to make some wise and smart choices to gain greater success in this digital era. Trader, investor, serial entrepreneur, and crypto influencer Alex Meurer is one such incredible individual. He believes that if you want to be successful, you have to start by being positive and thinking about greater goals, keeping your eyes on your dreams and desires. Aim higher and be honest with yourself as visualisation of a successful life is the first step towards actually living a successful life.

Meurer always visualised success and took the right steps towards it. There was a time when he had a casual life routine with a common job. But his dreams and goals were always larger than the life he was living. According to Meurer, there was a time in his life too when he was lacking focus in life. He was just going with the flow and had no proper strategy. But still, he had the belief that he needed to get into greater scales of success. One could say he was still searching for the right trade to gain success from and cryptocurrency became that special trading instrument for him. He did not only get success with this digital currency but became an expert on crypto trading. Once things started rolling for him, he had his vision more clear and was able to organise his targets more precisely.

Meurer belongs to Germany and his father had a background of working for the government there. He attended military service initially and later he worked in sales in different roles at various places around Europe. He started his entrepreneurship in 2013 from an insurance firm in Paris, France but after a while, he moved back to his homeland to complete his engineering degree. Sharing his journey towards the crypto world Meurer said, “In 2010 I first heard about bitcoin but I was not successful mining it around that time. In 2013, I failed again. But by 2015, while I was finishing my engineering degree, I found some assistance from the people around me and learned how to set up a wallet and from there I just took off.”

Alex started an exchange business; FIAT <=> Bitcoin but moved shortly afterward back to Paris as regulations were uncertain in Germany but France was already open to a certain extent. He continued his exchange activity there and within six months, he became the biggest exchanger without a physical location.

It is easy for people to judge that digital trading or cryptocurrencies might be the easiest fruit one can have, but Meurer’s story tells there is a lot of struggle, efforts, and numerous failures that lead to a thriving trade mechanism finally. Like in 2017-2018 he attempted his luck with his crypto project among some fellows but it did not pay off. Lack of finances was the major reason behind the failure of this project. Meurer never gave up on his ambitions, his plans for success, and the visions of his future life.

Meurer once more stood up and this time he was in Ukraine. In the summer of 2018, he started to focus on trading and made it his profession. With funds as low as $5000, he started his trade and in no time was able to covert it to millions of dollars. Meurer created multiple crypto businesses and also invested in non-crypto businesses. These include his car rental firm / search engine (dubairentacar.ae). Meurer is also the co-owner of a club called Pasha on the Greek island, Ios.

Meurer today has one of the most successful Youtube channels “AMCrypto”, which is about crypto trade, and a lot of traders are taking benefit of his expertise. The doyen of the crypto trading is influencing the social media with hundreds of thousands of followers on different platforms. As a crypto multi-millionaire, he is a sensational embodiment for people who thrive to make momentous success in their business. His appearance as a crypto day trader is the apotheosis of his career.

Meurer’s theory of success is linked to fortitude and disregarding all worrywarts of not being able to achieve something. He believes that there will be lots of negative energy around you, you just have to avoid it. It could be the people or an environment and you do have people who may not be happy with your success. Meurer said, “I try to stay positive as much as possible and I found out that it is scientifically proven that people with a mostly positive mindset are highly successful.”

Meurer believes that getting wealthier is not the only attraction for him but he also wants to be admired and known for his work, for his success, and for the things he has been doing for society. He is always focused on the aspect of givingback to society and the way he makes contributions. But he is not someone who wants to highlight this part of the world at this moment. Meurer’s focus is on reaching more people and becoming renowned and using his influence to bring cryptocurrencies overall more into the mainstream.

The crypto trader is now living in Dubai and has most of his business setup based in the UAE. He admires the multicultural approach of Dubai and enjoys this blended society. He likes to be in Dubai and thinks that the fast pace of Dubai makes it a highly innovative place. He said, “Dubai brings a lot of bright people from all around the world together especially from the crypto space.”

Meurer’s vision helped him a lot and we can see that he drives individuals as per his vision, as he does provide great insights, tips, and tricks of the trade on his YouTube channel. It is certainly substantial to know that the success rate of others can produce results upon his advice and vision. His followers welcome his content and seem to make a lot of money with the advice that he shares on his channel. That is also the whole purpose of his channel. He aims to educate people and to help them to get away from the fiat system.

Talking about his family, the entrepreneur said his parents are proud of the success he has gained. He said, “There was a time when they were worried about me and wondered if I would be able to do something good with my life or not. Because I tried lots of other things/ jobs before moving into the crypto space. They felt uncertain about my future up until 2019 when I found my genre and I could make a great successful life form here on.”

Meurer said, “No path is easy until you walk through it, but one thing is easy, that is to stay in a positive frame of mind and keep your vision clear about what you want to achieve. Start to believe in yourself and the principle of magnetism will bring it all back to you.”

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