Design your own emotional 'escape room'

While the concept of escape rooms may sound a little open-ended, the idea is to boost your overall wellbeing

By Chakshika Sharma

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Published: Thu 24 Mar 2022, 6:21 PM

Be it home spa treatments or colour psychology in home decor, wellness trends and methods have been seeping their way into our lives. Now, a new trend seems to be having its moment in the sun. Coined by Pinterest, Emotional Escape Room refers to special designated areas in your home where you can decompress, relax and unwind.

These rooms can come in any form, like meditation room to process your thoughts, or a rage room to let out certain emotions.

While the concept of escape rooms may sound a little open-ended, the idea is to boost your overall wellbeing. Warm colour palette can help create that special zone. The muted hues can work with different types of lighting and complement other range of colours as well. Muted colours does not mean colourless or gray, these specifically add a genuinely calming effect to your mind and soul while also being very modern and chic. Gray green is the sophisticated hue which signifies balance and harmony. Green is the colour to look out for when you are planning this space — whether it’s sage green or emerald. The colour represents nature and adds a hue to muted tones.

Mood lighting also plays a very important role in setting up a space. It helps create a micro-atmosphere in the area and acts as a powerful counterpart to task lighting. Setting up lamps or hidden LED strips are one way to achieve it. Downlighting can work well too and, in addition, you can add smart technology also.

Organisation is the key. If your heavenly abode is an absolute mess, then there will be no escape from chaos. Keep your chill zone organised. Acrylic laminated shelf can help you keep whatever you want — be it crystals, music accessories, books, etc. While there is no need for you to turn into a minimalist, it’s a good idea nonetheless to get rid of the stuff you don’t require anymore.

Create a Zen mode into your space. Comfortable cushions, fur carpet and a nice lounge chair or recliner are some things that can be incorporated into your chill zone.

Lastly, add plants, even to your rage room. The most wonderful thing about adding plants is that it can be housed in glorious vessels — be it wicker baskets or ceramic pots in shades of terracotta. Fresh flowers and faux greenery are also good options to create a comfort area in your home.

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