How to boost your vitality?

Do you struggle to keep your eyes open even after a good night’s sleep or feel you are always in a slump? This simple plan will bring the energy surging back into your life.


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Published: Wed 14 Apr 2010, 11:56 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:49 AM

Have a proper breakfast: When you wake up your blood sugar levels are at their lowest as you have been fasting while you sleep. So have a proper breakfast to energise your body.

Move your body: Physical activity tells your body to perk up so you need to stop equating mental tiredness with physical tiredness. Think of exercise as something that won’t take long and will leave you feeling exhilarated rather than exhausted.

Go easy on caffeine: Every time we drink something with caffeine in it, the body is stimulated to release insulin and blood sugar levels drop. As your blood sugar crashes your energy levels plummet leaving you unable to concentrate and craving unhealthy food. So cut back on the cappuccinos and diet colas and try drinking Chinese green tea or water instead. Fresh fruit juice or a smoothie will also help perk you up.

Put on your dancing shoes: Singing and dancing, even if it is in the privacy of your own home, will do wonders for your energy levels.

Try something new: High-energy people are always trying new things even when old and familiar patterns seem good enough. Experts agree that boredom is one of the most common energy zappers so try adding something new to your life.

Try a food you’ve never eaten, change your hair colour or book a long weekend to somewhere you’ve never been. An interest that absorbs you such as gardening or playing an instrument will also give you a boost.

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