Top 10 must-see viral memes on the internet


Dubai - Round-up of the best memes making going viral on the internet

By Mahwash Ajaz

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Published: Thu 12 Aug 2021, 9:02 PM

Are you an emo person who exists on twitter for relatable content? Because you’ve come to the right place. The internet is a place that has banded together many, many lonely emo folks who have created an ecosystem that gives them constant support, finds them friends and gives them the love that they need.

My choices for the best memes this week come from kids who seem to know our deepest darkest fears as well as the simplest mundane points of views from … even your bathroom! Soaps on a skateboard (never thought I’d say these words), fans falling on your face (yikes) and how we never had to worry about our skin care when we were twelve are just some of the amazing memes found today.

1. Not going to think about it anymore…

2. When you’re shopping and you have to go out to get your card

3. I don’t care about billionaires (or maybe I’m just bitter)

4. All my deepest darkest fears in a meme

5. Why do dentists do this?

6. SOAP be like

7. Fastest eye on latest story!

8. Oh ouch – twitter reality

9. Emo tweet FTW

10. Old feels

So, what are your favourite memes? Tag us @wkndmag and let us know.

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