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How to declutter your home

By Muskaan Gabriel Norhona

Published: Thu 25 Mar 2021, 6:52 PM

In every household, ideas for more storage are always welcomed with open arms. This guide can be used as a reference for de-cluttering and home storage options, to make effective use of your space.

First, you can start by organising your items visually. Categorise according to the functionality of the item to aid you in the search for it when it is required. This will also help you determine which corners or furniture pieces of a room can be converted into storage spaces, in the most effective way possible. Clutter is a huge obstacle when it comes to organising homes. If not tended to from the very start, it tends to snowball, as stacks of papers and other unfinished tasks are shifted from room to room. Clutter elimination can make the home and our life feel cleaner, more balanced, and more functional.


Elegant, hidden storage is a big part of minimalist organisation. Furniture with storage spaces or drawers help to maximise room in your home and avoid a cluttered look. A few examples of space-saving furniture are storage ottomans and trunks. Under-the-bed storage is one of the most effective and widely used storage options in homes. The storage under the bed is either built into the frame or is available as foldable under-bed organisation storage to help you store your belongings.


Storage boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, being the most popular minimalist storage solution. Consider using storage containers in the same colours as your furniture, to help them look more like a part of your minimalist style. Boxes for storage are also inexpensive.


For formal or informal living spaces, cabinets, shelves and armoires are fashionable storage additions. There are endless styles that you can pick from, depending on your existing furniture. Hutches are suitable for storing objects that need to be kept hidden, such as extra throws, pillows, blankets or even cutlery. When you do need your prized dinnerware set, the hutch will keep it ready at a moment’s notice. Extra storage capacity under the counter may be used for fine kitchen utensils, display shelves or linens.


Board games, remote controls, phone chargers and books can all be hidden in drawers. You don’t need to compromise on the look of your coffee table for functionality as there are multiple sizes, shapes and finishes you can choose from. Before acquiring storage furniture, think about your family’s needs. You’ll want to double-check that the drawer sizes are appropriate for the items you’ll be storing.


A pull out pantry shelf is essentially a product that combines the functions of a shelf and a drawer. It’s nothing more than a standard pantry shelf with an additional sliding mechanism that allows it to be pulled out as needed, allowing for easier access to the back and corners. You can make pantry organisation easier and more convenient by installing these pull out pantry shelves. Pots and pans can be stored, spices and flavourings can be organised, electrical gadgets can be concealed and cleaning supplies can be hidden from eyesight.

For these minimalistic storage ideas to be effective, it is also important to reduce the number of items that need to be stored. It is easily possible to keep all your items away from the eyes and within hand’s reach.


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