Free events, mind-blowing innovations: What Expo 2020 Dubai visitors will miss most

Visitors say the mega fair, which comes to an end on March 31, was truly was a shining example of coexisting peacefully

By SM Ayaz Zakir

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Published: Sat 19 Mar 2022, 12:18 PM

Last updated: Tue 22 Mar 2022, 12:13 PM

With just a few days left for the mega fair to shut its doors, Expo 2020 Dubai has given visitors everything they could ask for and more.

However, a few of them have been to the event numerous times. Khaleej Times spoke to some loyal visitors to learn what they will miss the most.

Supplied photos
Supplied photos

The world - encapsulated

Almost every country has a pavilion at the Expo, highlighting innovation in technology, nature and mobility. Gitesh Inamdar, who has visited the world fair more than a hundred times, has earned a loyal visitor award.

"It is like visiting the country itself - if not physically, then virtually," Inamdar said.

Echoing similar sentiments, Nahla Abdul Lateef, a mother of two, said her favourite thing about Expo 2020 is that she can say she has seen the world.

"I could understand how different countries tackle global issues as well as their own issues," Lateef said, highlighting the Republic of the Marshall Islands' pavilion as an example.

"I will always remember it, because it cries for help from the rest of the world to save it, as it is sinking," she added.

“My seven-year-old daughter learnt about a lot of countries, their culture. She skipped her school for many days to visit the expo because it really is a now or never learning experience," said Lateef.

Learning affair

Expo 2020 Dubai is a great place to learn. With every visit, one can take away a new lesson on the world. Another loyal visitor, Abhishek Rajput, has visited more than 60 times. Rajput attended conferences and conducted business activities aside from leisure.

Rajput said, “Being a technology enthusiast, my mind was blown with the technology that exists in the world. It has made me to learn more and more to secure our future."

Melting pot of cultures

Each country brought its culture along to the Expo. Showcased through performances of dance, art and other events, the mega-fair truly was a shining example of coexisting peacefully.

“There are many cultures that resembles the culture we follow in India. Something like Indonesia and Thailand. I was much surprised to see that,” said Inamdar. “There are a lot of things I embraced in my life, that will make me eventually a better person. I will miss learning about more cultures, but surely, I will explore."

Always a celebration

Each pavilion was celebrated the mega fair. Be it through cultural events or national occasions. Visitors say that each country's national day celebration and the air shows will surely be missed.

The Expo passport

Visitors were elated to get their Expo passports stamped at the exit of each pavilion. A white passport was given to those who had collected at least a 100 stamps.

“The white passport will serve as memorabilia to me. It a moment of pride owning one,” said Inamdar.

Cultural events and concerts

Expo 2020 Dubai brought in many renowned artists from across the globe like Coldplay, K-pop stars, Marshmello, Atif Aslam, Nora Fatehi and many more.

Corporate meetings and business deals

The Expo wasn't just a place for leisure and learning, as several business deals took place in the global fair.

“I managed to get a revenue and business for my company. I met a lot of people who shared breakthrough ideas with me, which will eventually benefit me in future,” Ratuj said.

Family time

Catering to all ages, the mega-fair had something for everyone, making it the ideal place for family.

“My husband used to drop me and my daughter to the site in the mornings and pick us up in the evenings. We spent a good family time, will surely stay with us as a memory,” Nahla Abdul Lateef said.

Harmony among all

Many visitors have said and believed that Expo 2020 has set an example on how people from various nationalities have come together to laugh, get entertained and interacted to make the event a success.

“Same can be applied throughout the world, which will eventually make world a peaceful and better place to live,” said Inamdar.

The happy vibe

“Every moment at the Expo 2020 Dubai has been cheerful and happy,” Nahla said referring to the people who have created that atmosphere.

Inamdar and Abhishek also said that they have made a lot of friends. “The happy and positive vibe at the Expo 2020 will surely be missed,” said Inamdar.


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