Expo 2020 Dubai: Workers' images to be beamed across digital screens


Workers walk at the Expo 2020 site ahead of the opening ceremony on Thursday.
Workers walk at the Expo 2020 site ahead of the opening ceremony on Thursday.

Dubai - The Workers' Portrait Series will capture the diversity and spirit of the Expo workforce


Waheed Abbas

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Published: Fri 1 Oct 2021, 9:47 AM

Expo 2020 Dubai has developed the Workers’ Portrait Series, which features stunning images capturing the diversity and spirit of the Expo workforce, accompanied by their inspiring quotes.

The images will be displayed on the digital screens around the public realm for visitors from around the world.

The series follows a 2017 audio-visual exhibition that showcased workers’ stories of Expo 2020, told in their languages.

A statement issued on Friday said the training was delivered to more than 35,000 frontline workers, 3,000 supervisors, and 2,000 senior leaders and managers, all of whom will be able to take the knowledge they have gained onto subsequent roles.

Here is what some workers had to say about their experience at the Expo site:

>> Anna Nalumansi, cleaner: “I have managed to make friends with different people. I have managed to develop my career. My best moment working for Expo 2020 is that it is mixed, showing social and good hospitality. My best moment is when I collaborate with different people of different countries.”

>> Deepu Das Devadas, operator: “Being a part of the Expo 2020, I am proud, and as the theme is Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, even I got the opportunity to be part of it.”

>> Divine Elomba Njombi, security guard: “It is my greatest experience working at Expo, knowing it’s one of the biggest events that's going to bring many nations together. I will be glad to share this story with my loved ones once it comes to pass.”

>> Gurmit Singh Amrik Singh, mason: “I have spent over one year in Expo 2020. I have a lot of moments in Expo but the best moments are these. 1) Social education by Expo advisers 2) Unique project in the world 3)The best way to learn the best education for work 4) Award distributing for best workers.”

>> Kanahaiya Chauhan, mason: “I would like to build more houses back in India.”

>> Rajkishor Mahto, cleaner: “Career passion and personal satisfaction. Financial stability. Service and social responsibility.”


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>> Umar Hayat, rigger: “I want to make sure my children’s future is safe.”

>> Nsomenang Alain Tokeh, security guard: “I dream and aspire to become an entrepreneur in the future, where I will be able to create opportunities to impact the society through employment, impact the poor and needy, bring people together for positive purposes, as well as changing lives for the betterment of society.”

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