Expo 2020 Dubai: UAE's triumph is GCC's success, says Kuwaiti pavilion deputy director

Dubai - Kuwait is marking its biggest participation ever in a world fair


Anjana Sankar

Published: Sun 26 Sep 2021, 6:14 PM

Last updated: Mon 27 Sep 2021, 10:43 AM

The UAE's success is equally the success of the GCC and the Arab world, and hence the GCC block including Kuwait, has come in full force to make Expo 2020 a runaway hit, Mazen Ali Zakaria Alansari, Deputy Director, Kuwait Pavilion told Khaleej Times.

"This is the first Expo to be held in the GCC, in the Arab world and in the Middle East and North Africa Region. So for us, the UAE being our sisterly state…being a GCC nation as well as due to the historical relations we enjoy, It is crucial for us to contribute and be as successful as we can to help the UAE," Alansari said on Sunday.

"We are very proud that it is being held in the UAE, and God bless the people of the UAE."

He said he was impressed by the preparations Dubai has undertaken and the massive infrastructure it has built, including the road networks and the metro lanes to make Expo 2020 a huge success.

"Every GCC country is also trying to give its fullest…that their pavilion succeeds and the image of the GCC is best represented," he said adding that he was impressed by all the GCC pavilions including that of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar for demonstrating what they have achieved in terms of technology, planning and culture."


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He said Expo 2020 will also boost peace and regional security by bringing together all countries under one platform.

"One of the things we preach is peace, security and dialogue to resolve conflicts. This (Expo) will play a big role in bringing together, so that we communicate more, share our experiences, learn from each other for a better future," said Alansari.

He also said all country pavilions seek to benefit economically after the "massive challenges" they faced due to the pandemic. "The history of Expos has proven this the business to business and people to people interaction, the emergence of new technologies and ideas.. it will all benefit the world."

Alansari said Kuwait is marking its biggest participation ever in a world fair in terms of the pavilion size, which is 4,550 square metres.

"For example, the previous expo in Milan, we had a 2600 square metre pavilion, almost half the size of the current one. That was an important participation, but this one is crucially important," he said.

The official said the Kuwait pavilion inspired by sand dunes and a large water tower encircled with a gold prism will put the spotlight on sustainability and the scarce water resources. The water tower is also a symbol of the various landmarks of Kuwait that stores water.

"The pavilion is in the sustainable district. Sustainability is a big word, but it describes the history of Expo. Kuwait is a desert terrain with harsh summer environments. But we also have a coast that historically has been source of income. The pavilion will showcase what Kuwait is doing to preserve a sustainable future for the coming generations," he said.

Inside the pavilion, he said visitors will be treated to a visual treat with a multimedia presentation that will highlight the contributions of the youth and their role in nation-building. Apart from the cultural attractions and performances that await the visitors, the open-air theatre on the rooftop will also be a big attraction of the pavilion.

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