Expo 2020 Dubai: Qatar pavilion pays homage to coat of arms

Dubai - On Friday, VVIPs and senior delegates took a maiden tour of the 960sqm site.


Nandini Sircar

Published: Fri 1 Oct 2021, 8:01 PM

Traditional songs and dance by Qatari artists marked the unveiling of the Qatar pavilion to the general public on Friday as VVIPs and senior delegates did a maiden tour of the 960sqm site.

The curved structure of the pavilion that pays homage to Qatar’s coat of arms was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The remarkable thing is that it was designed and built on an expedited timeline of just five months. The pavilion’s sharp, sweeping form makes reference to the coat of arms of Qatar. It features two crossed, curved swords, encompassing a dhow and an island with palm trees. The design aims to translate these cultural elements to capture movement, mobility, strength, and tradition.

It is located within the sustainability district at Expo 2020 and is adjacent to the Southwest concourse of the Sustainability District.

The expressive form of the pavilion eloquently fuses these cultural elements to capture movement, mobility, strength and tradition.

Utilising a combination of technologies, from mirror screens and holographic projections to 3D mapping and transparent LED screens, the pavilion showcases key themes through the use of illusions that bring objects inside to life. These exemplify a nation deeply rooted in its heritage with a progressive outlook.

Grand interior ceilings

The pavilion has six totems (glass pillars) with screens that reflect the vision of the country, playing different, interesting and fast-changing videos for its visitors.

The walls are akin to a giant screen that also reminds people of the upcoming FIFA World Cup to be hosted by the country in 2022.

The design inspiration of the Qatar pavilion further extends inward into the building whereby the sweeping, abstracted form of the Dhow’s sails gesture and guide the flow of the interior gallery spaces.

The conceptualization of palm tree foliage is manifested through the undulating rhythm across the upward sweeping ceiling creating a balanced play between light and show.

The vision of the Qatar Pavilion is derived from four elements:

The Dhow: The sweeping and ascending geometric form of the pavilion relates to the billowing form of the Dhow’s sails

The Palm Trees: The abstract fusion of two intertwined palm trees is manifested through the sculptural monument

The Swords: The intertwined swords are represented by two intertwining dhows that encompass the building form

Water: The reflective pools represent the Arabian Gulf encompassing Qatar

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