Who wore what? Top highlights from Met Gala 2024

Come along as we explore the best looks worn by stars such as Zendaya and Alia Bhatt, intricate details of their designer’s creations, and our thoughts on each ensemble!

By Vama Kothari

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Published: Tue 7 May 2024, 3:29 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 May 2024, 10:01 PM

As you may have heard, May 6 was fashion’s biggest night of the year. The MET Gala is a charity ball that is celebrated to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute in New York. Renowned personalities from all across the globe climbed the iconic steps of the museum, dressed in attire that reflects the dress code ‘The Garden of Time’ for the Met Gala 2024. The theme draws inspiration from J.G. Ballard’s story where a count uses a rose from his garden to delay time and fend off a mob. With its dystopian undertones and the exhibit's focus on blending old and new, we can expect an array of styles on the red carpet — ranging from florals to time-travel-inspired fashion, and possibly hints of Sleeping Beauty.

"The Met's innovative spring 2024 Costume Institute exhibition will push the boundaries of our imagination and invite us to experience the multisensory facets of a garment, many of which get lost when entering a museum collection as an object. Sleeping Beauties will heighten our engagement with these masterpieces of fashion by evoking how they feel, move, sound, smell and interact when being worn, ultimately offering a deeper appreciation of the integrity, beauty and artistic brilliance of the works on display," says Met Museum Director Max Hollein, who emphasised that the MET Gala is a time of entertainment for all, both attendees and non-attendees alike. He highlighted that the clothes worn must create a sensory experience and pay homage to the magic of fashion.

Hosting this year’s MET Gala were: Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny, and Chris Hemsworth, following the footsteps of last year's dazzling lineup including Penélope Cruz, Michaela Coel, Roger Federer, Dua Lipa, and the iconic Anna Wintour of Vogue. Since 1995, Wintour has shaped the Met Gala into the glamorous fashion extravaganza it is today. Come along as we explore the best looks, which designers they chose to sport, the intricate details of their creations, and our thoughts on each ensemble!

Who: Zendaya

Designer: Givenchy

Details: Dressed in a John Galliano creation inspired by a 1999 Dior piece, Zendaya stunned in a royal blue and emerald green dress adorned with embellishments reminiscent of fruit trees. However, the global sensation wasn't finished yet. Approximately two hours later, she made a dramatic return, sporting new makeup, a different dress, and a completely transformed look. Zendaya emerged in a black gown, a 1996 piece from John Galliano's Givenchy era, paired with an elaborate bouquet of flowers adorning her head.

Thoughts: Ridiculously on theme, and fashion-forward, Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach has maintained his stylist of the year status.

Who: Emma Chamberlain

Designer: Jean Paul Gaultier

Details: A custom dark brown lace Jean Paul Gaultier gown with a goth vibe that gave a self-described ‘dark twist’ to the event's dress code. The body hugging gown gave an otherworldly aura in a black lace gown adorned with thorn-like motifs encircling her arms.

Thoughts: Emma’s creative interpretation not only hits the mark but also proves that rebellion can indeed be stylish!

Who: Alia Bhatt

Designer: Sabysachi Mukherjee

Details: Bhatt's vision drew inspiration from the narrative, particularly, the fantastical existence of Count Axel and his spouse. The incorporation of a sari and the fusion of jewellery into the bodice not only enhance the allure but also align with the concept of a mythical being — a woodland nymph venturing into the wild.

Thoughts: Alia's nod to her Indian heritage with a sari is commendable, yet the ensemble falls short in structure and silhouette. With a tweak in fabric and accessorizing, her Sabyasachi could’ve soared from cultural homage to Asian sensation…

Who: Demi Moore

Designer: Haris Reed

Details: The velvet gown incorporates a double Duchess silk panel embellished with large pink peonies sourced from surplus wallpaper. Designed by Reed, the dress gradually deteriorates along Moore's body, with wilting silk organza flowers. The Nina Ricci creative director highlights over 5,000 to 6,000 hours of hand embroidery on other components of the ensemble.

Thoughts: Demi blossoms in Reed's thorn-laden masterpiece! With structure and creativity, Reed's prickly yet rosy vision comes to life on Demi.

Who: Gigi Hadid

Designer: Thom Browne

Details: Hadid wore an off-shoulder column dress with a detachable skirt featuring dramatic ruffles. Its radiant sheen highlighted her figure, while a prominent embroidered yellow rose adorned the waist, complemented by roses on the skirt as she carried a bouquet.

Thoughts: Simple, on-theme and balancing Gigi’s supermodel title — a win that would've been celebrated dearly but lacks a halo to mirror her infectious, sunshine-like energy.

Who: Nicki Minaj

Designer: Marni

Details: Nicki dazzled in an artistic yellow silk duchesse gown embellished with hand-painted recycled aluminum flowers. The dress sculpted her figure like a museum-worthy masterpiece, evoking the texture of bold brushstrokes akin to a three-dimensional oil painting.

Thoughts: MET Gala's perennial gem! Inviting her is like RSVPing to a night of exciting conversation. Always a hit, never a miss.

Who: Usher

Designer: Alexander McQueen

Details: Giving an exotic, imaginary and father-of-the-field vibe, Usher is draped in a voluminous cloak, adorning with a leather hat, atop a shimmering black tuxedo, and accentuating the ensemble, were the sharpest of shoes.

Thoughts: One of the best dressed men at the gala, Usher donning a theatrical McQueen is nothing short of iconic.


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