Woman's heart stops after accident in UAE, is saved by ambulance staff

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Ras Al Khaimah - The road crash took place in Ras Al Khaimah on Sunday.

A European resident in Ras Al Khaimah had a narrow escape after she developed a cardiac arrest following a road accident.
The central operations room of the RAK Police, alerted of the mishap, dispatched traffic patrols, an ambulance, paramedics and rescue teams to the reported site in record time.
The road crash took place at Al Jazeerah Al Hamra in Ras Al Khaimah on Sunday, according to sources.
Ahmed Saleh Al Hajiri, CEO, National Ambulance, said they sent four ambulances to the reported site.
"The woman was suffering a serious cardiac arrest," said Al Hajiri.
"Paramedics gave the resident all necessary aids," he added.

"She was then rushed to the Sheikh Khalifa Hospital where she was admitted to the intensive care unit until she got better."

Dr Ahmad Abdulrahman, a cardiologist, told Khaleej Times that a sudden cardiac arrest is always associated with an abrupt loss of heart function. "The patient may also be unable to breathe and lose consciousness."

"The main reason behind this cardiac arrest is an electrical disturbance in the heart that distorts its pumping action, stopping blood flow to the entire body."

"People may think a cardiac arrest and a heart attack are the same, but they are not."

"A heart attack can sometimes trigger an electrical disturbance that leads to sudden cardiac arrest which can lead to death if not instantly treated."

Swift and due medical attention are critical in such cases, he pointed out. "Giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), by just giving compressions to the chest, or by using a defibrillator if needed, can improve the chances of survival until emergency workers arrive."

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