Dubai Scholars' students narrate a night to remember

Dubai Scholars students narrate a night to remember
Team CineMagic

CineMagic Film Festival calls for lights, drama and action!

The culmination of the CineMagic Film Festival took place on November 24, 2016, at the CineMagic Spectacular Awards Nite at the Dubai Scholars Lootah Hall. The joy of telling a story, narrating an emotion, expressing an idea, in the form of a short film; was what led to the inception of CineMagic Film Festival.
The overwhelming response encouraged them to set up two shows, which were packed with enthusiastic participants, their parents, friends, relatives and guests. Gaurav Tandon-K Productions was our Chief Guest, alongside other guests who have a wide range of experience in the field of media and film.
The process was undoubtedly tiring, where CineMagic started off as a concept, which turned into a reality, turning to an outstanding success. The night included pieces of dance, music and song. along with presentation of various awards - from Best Story, Editing to the Best Film.
The production team of Year 11C were happy to see their dreams turn into a reality as they shared their experiences. A new spin on Awards Nite was well executed by the Year 11C production team, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience at Dubai Scholars.
Heartfelt words

'It's your passion that drives you' - Aaditya R
'Make your presence felt today but remember, someone is already planning for tomorrow'- Sean H
'It gave all a voice, a purpose and a reason to think'- Husna I
'The audience was thrilled and students were excited to receive the awards. Their faces lit up  with joy!' - Anish C

'It flipped my world upside down' - Reham S

'Creativity Galore!' - Gabriella S

'Everlasting moments!' - Insia D

'A fairytale experience!' - Nisha Z

'A Wow moment!' - Kaustabh K

'Was it real?' - Cleona L

'Sense of fulfilment' - Pranav H

'Surreal!' - Zainah M

'Magical!' - Aakriti S

'Taken to another level'- Ms Aparna, Principal, Dubai Scholars

Text by: Aaditya Raghu and Andrew Nathan
CineMagic: Produced by Scholars International Group
Powered by: SAE Media Education

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