Diwali: 5 tips to decorate your home

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Dubai - Deck up your space this festive season

By Liza Pinto

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Published: Thu 21 Oct 2021, 1:53 PM

Nothing is more exciting than getting your home Diwali ready. With the Festival of Lights just around the corner, sprucing up your home will certainly be on your mind. Breathe some fresh air of elegant decor into your space to make it inviting and cosy for your family and friends. There are endless ways to convert your space giving it a de‘light’ ful and festive touch.


Diwali is all about lights. String lights are the saviours here.

Glass lanterns with tea candles are the best to look at. Hang them around or keep them on your coffee or dining table decor.

They blend in perfectly well. You can explore endless variety of lights in Dragon Mart. Beautiful looking table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, hanging pendant lamps, string lights, lanterns add to the festive touch, be it at home or your own personal workspace.

Table decor

The elegantly arranged table with beautiful and delicate crockery, packed with delectable and pleasing sweets and snacks not only add to the house’s elegance but also offers everyone a satisfying feeling. It brings a sense of ritual to your dining area.

Adding unique table decors such as trays, candle stands and printed flower vases will elevate your space.


If you want to try something creative this Diwali, there are some beautiful, quick DIY’S that could help you. Using paper you could create lanterns, Diwali cards, banners and much more. Sequins and tassels could be strung up together or separately on a thread to create a wall feature. You could also recycle glass bottles to create a vase for your flowers or add fairy lights inside the bottle to light up the space.


Choosing the correct fabrics for your home upholstery is very important. Adding textured and patterned curtains, does nothing but add a festive touch to your house. When deciding upon a pattern, it is crucial that you consider the other items of furniture and the size of the room. Intricate and vibrant colours and patterns will help in adding a rich and elegant touch.

Add textures to your accent rugs, pillow and sofa covers, curtains, bedsheets and change the vibe of the space.

Landscape or outdoor decor

The best way to sparkle your landscape is by adding lights!

The easiest way of decorating outdoors is by using different sizes and shapes of string lights. Wind-up string lights to one of the biggest plants/trees you have outside and see the space transform.

Every festival brings in a sense of newness, togetherness, and unconditional love. Designing your home is a part of the festivity; in reality, it is also the key element of the celebration because it brings the festival’s spirits into your home. That is why picking the right kind of decor for your home is important, as it should blend in with the rest of the rooms.


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