Dubai: Two men jailed for assaulting police officer, damaging patrol car

The incident happened when a girl reported her boyfriend (and his friend) to the police.

Alamy file
Alamy file

Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Mon 3 Jan 2022, 9:06 AM

Two Gulf nationals have been sentenced by the Dubai Criminal Court to six months' imprisonment, for assaulting a policeman and damaging his vehicle, when they tried to flee from him, at a hotel in Dubai.

The incident happened when a girl reported her boyfriend (and his friend) to the police. The two had met each other on Snapchat.

The details of the case date back to December 2020, when a patrol went to a hotel in Dubai, where a girl and her sister had been facing some trouble with the two convicts, one of whom was her boyfriend, whom she had met on Snapchat.

According to the attacked policeman's statement in the investigation records, on arriving at the site of the incident, he met the girl and her sister, who had requested for help. One of the girls stated that she had requested her boyfriend to help her transport her luggage from Deira to Furjan, with a pickup vehicle. However, her boyfriend had brought his friend, both of whom tried to take the two girls to the hotel, against their will.

After speaking with the girls, the policeman questioned the two young men who came from inside the hotel, and asked them for their Emirates IDs. They went to their vehicle to get the documents, but started the vehicle and fled the scene.

The policeman quickly followed them with the patrol car. When both vehicles entered a traffic jam, and could not continue further, the convicts reversed their vehicle, leading to a collision with the patrol car right behind them. As a result, the investigating policeman was injured. The two men tried to flee, but the patrol continued to pursue them, and the men were finally arrested and handed over to the prosecution.

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