Worker accused of assaulting schoolboy

DUBAI — A 33-year-old worker faced trial on Sunday in the Court of First Instance on the charge of sexually assaulting a schoolboy aged 11.

Published: Sun 15 Apr 2012, 11:22 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:43 AM

The worker, a Nepali, is believed to have forced himself on the Emirati boy at least twice and sent lewd videos and pictures to his mobile phone. It happened in January in the parking lot of a building in Al Qusais where the boy lived with his parents.

The boy’s father told the prosecutor that he was informed by his wife about nude photos and porn material on their son’s mobile phone. The mother came to know from her son that the defendant had sent the videos.

The father confronted his son who told him that he had met the defendant outside their building and that he took his number and sent him the porn material. He added that the man also sexually assaulted him in the parking lot.

The boy said he did not tell his father because he was scared.The defendant admitted in the investigation by the Public Prosecution that he had assaulted the boy.

The boy told the prosecutor that he had met the accused in the parking lot and had asked him to wash his mother’s car.

Three days later, the accused called the boy to the ground floor to the parking lot side at noon.

No one was there at that time and the defendant told him that he wanted to have sex with him. He assaulted the boy and the boy felt sick and cried. He was warned by the defendant not to tell anybody. The defendant kept sending videos to the boy until the latter’s mother found them.

The boy said that the defendant assaulted him again, another day, at the same place.

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