Murderer gets 7-year jail term

A 23-year-old Pakistani jobless man, identified as N.K., has been sentenced by the Court of First Instance to seven years in prison followed by deportation, for premeditated murder as he was found guilty of fatally stabbing a compatriot man.

By Marie Nammour

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Published: Wed 20 Mar 2013, 9:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 3:53 AM

Another Pakistani, a 24-year-old worker identified as K.K., has been given three-month jail term for sheltering N.K. and helping him hide from justice in Abu Dhabi while aware of the crime he committed.

K.K. is also believed to have taken N.K. to his relative’s place and come to Dubai to bring his belongings for him.

On the day of the incident which dates back to January 19 last year, N.K. became angry following a quarrel and brandished a knife with which he stabbed the frail and ill victim who was lying on his bed. He stabbed him twice deeply in the abdomen. N.K. did not leave until he was sure the victim became motionless. The victim died about four days later at hospital. The forensic expert said that the stab wounds were deep and affected the liver.

A 20-year-old Pakistani driver, who was the victim’s roommate, said that the victim called him by phone about 10.30pm and told him that he was stabbed by N.K.

The roommate went to the victim’s room and found it locked from outside. The victim was in deep pain and could not speak.

A police lieutenant said that they arrested K.K. first and then he admitted that N.K. was in his cousin’s place in Abu Dhabi.

During the interrogation, N.K. admitted having stabbed the victim many times, alleging that he was trying to protect himself as the latter tried to have sex with him.

The roommate told the prosecutor that it was impossible that the victim could have asked to have sex with the defendant as he was known for his good conduct. The victim’s brother, a 31-year-old driver, said that his brother told him before his death at hospital that the defendant held grudges against the victim when the latter did not let his friend share their accommodation, which was crowded. —

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