Man accused of blackmailing ex-wife

A man allegedly threatened and blackmailed his former wife that he would circulate her personal and private photos if she did not cede her legal rights at the Personal Status Court, a court heard on Sunday.

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Published: Mon 11 Jun 2012, 9:38 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:37 AM

The 34-year-old Egyptian resident allegedly posted pictures of his ex-wife on the net, breaching thus the values and principles of family privacy. He was charged in the Court of First Instance with threat, blackmail and circulation of personal photos on the net by breaching family privacy.

The case dates back to November last year. The complainant, a 30-year-old Egyptian, told the prosecutor that she married the defendant in July last year.

Disputes broke out between them about two weeks later because she refused to buy him a car in her name on mortgage from the bank where she worked. She filed for divorce from him on damage grounds. He agreed on condition that she ceded all her rights, which she opposed.

She said during the investigation that he threatened that he would defame her and damage her reputation among her family members, relatives and at her workplace. She recounted that he hacked into her e-mail account and began sending mails in her name to her boss and colleagues. In a mail sent from her ID, he alleged that she quit work and was working as a dancer at a night.

In her statement, she said that he also sent her nude pictures to others and posted her photo on Facebook, introducing her as a 20-year-old woman wanting to meet men.

The complainant’s father, a 66-year-old technical manager, testified during the investigation that the defendant called him by phone and asked him to tell his daughter to drop her legal rights so he could proceed in divorce.

The defendant threatened that in case she refused he would turn her life into hell and she would then prefer to die.

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