Huge drug smuggling attempt foiled in Dubai

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Dubai - Inspectors uncovered 137 plastic bags of drug pills.

By Wam

Published: Sun 4 Aug 2019, 4:08 PM

Last updated: Sun 4 Aug 2019, 6:22 PM

Dubai Customs recently foiled an attempt to smuggle 274,000 Captagon pills concealed in the fuel tank of a dhow.
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This is the second biggest drug seizure for the Coastal Customs Centres Management after the seizure of 783,800 Captagon pills in 2018, according to the authorities.
Dubai Custom's inspectors uncovered 137 plastic bags that contained the contraband.
The smugglers concealed the drugs in the vessel's fuel tank, to prevent the inspectors from checking as the temperature near the engine can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius.
The confused dhow captain's body language aroused the inspectors' suspicion.
"Smugglers use different methods to get away with their illegal items but we thwart their attempts due to the vigilance and sophisticated training of our inspectors," Ahmed Al Daleel, Head of Coastal Customs Centres Management said.
"Dubai Customs prevents illegal trade and smuggling of drugs and all restricted goods as part of its vision of protecting society and supporting legitimate trade."

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