Expat murders two people in UAE market

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Sharjah - They caught the accused moving suspiciously in the vegetable market and recovered a mobile phone from him.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Mon 3 Feb 2020, 4:40 PM

Last updated: Mon 3 Feb 2020, 6:50 PM

A 45-year-old Asian, who allegedly committed double murder, was identified and nabbed by the Sharjah Police after it was discovered that the mobile phone found in his possession belonged to the first victim.   
The man is currently standing trial at the Sharjah Criminal Court for killing two people, in separate incidents, by striking them with a wooden stick in Al Jubail Souq. 
The police investigation and interrogation revealed that the accused committed the crimes with the motive to rob the victims of their money. He waited for the first victim, who entered his shop at 6pm to collect the day's earnings. The accused dealt a massive blow with a wooden stick on the victim's head, which caused his instant death. The next day, he pounced on the second victim, who came into his shop at 5am to start his business. He hit him in the head with the same tool and fled the scene.
The police launched intensified search for the accused and CID officers were deployed in the area. They caught the accused moving suspiciously in the vegetable market and recovered a mobile phone from him. The forensic report revealed that the mobile phone belonged to the first victim, and it also had the deceased's photos.
On being grilled by the police, the accused confessed about the double murder and disclosed his modus operandi. He said he targeted the two victims as he had often seen them carry huge amounts of cash.
During the first court hearing, the first witness, an official at the Souq management, said that they had received complaints from the vegetable and fruit shop owners about the crimes, which were carried out using the same tool.
He said the accused targeted the owners of the shops located near dark, remote areas to assault them and steal their cash. The accused used to move around the market to choose his victims, he added.
The court adjourned the case to March 1 to hear out the family of the victims and know if they would accept the blood money or let it proceed with the execution of the death penalty.

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