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2 doctors in UAE awarded Dh316,000 payout after denied salaries

Fujairah - 'The hospital even forced me to work long overtimes without remunerating me'

By Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 17 Jan 2021, 2:55 PM

The Fujairah Punitive Court, in two separate cases, ordered a private hospital to pay Dh316,000 in compensation to two staff general practitioners for illegally denying them their salaries for 10 months, and forcing them to work overtime.

As per court records, the first case unfolded when the doctor, an emergency general practitioner, filed a lawsuit against her hospital, requesting the payment of pending salaries.

“Despite working without a stop, the hospital refused to pay me my salary since February last year,” she told the court.

“The hospital even forced me to work long overtimes without remunerating me.”

The plaintiff noted that she could not pay her rent and other expenses because of the hospital's “unjust non-payment” of her salary.

“I patiently kept working without any remuneration for a long time until I was told that no salary would be paid to me if I stopped working. It was then that I took the legal recourse.”

The court found the hospital guilty, and ordered it to pay Dh148,000 to the general practitioner against her 10-month pending pay.

In another case, the court convicted the same hospital, and ordered it to pay Dh168,000 against pending salaries of another general practitioner with the emergency section.

“I have worked without receiving any salary for six months, and stopped to render my services when I realised that the hospital will not pay my dues.”


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