Consistent and trustworthy

Consistent and trustworthy
Joy Alukkas, Chairman and MD, Joyalukkas Group

Joy Alukkas puts in effort to identify innovative techniques and ideas to better customer experience and give them peace of mind. Joy Alukkas puts in effort to identify innovative techniques and ideas to better customer experience and give them peace of mind.


Suchitra Steven Samuel

Published: Sun 30 Sep 2018, 1:13 PM

Last updated: Sun 30 Sep 2018, 3:17 PM

Joy Alukkas, Chairman and MD, Joyalukkas Group, had only one thing in mind as a child. He wanted to be an entrepreneur and he commenced his journey in entrepreneurship in the UAE. "All the lessons I have learnt is thanks to this great country which believes in 'dynamic progress'. The energy and commitment of the rulers of the UAE motivated me to also push for growth in the same manner. I owe all my success to this inspiring and dynamic country," he says in an interview with Khaleej Times.
Joyalukkas started as a single jewellery store back in 1987, but his vision was to create a well-organised jewellery retail chain that followed disciplined systems and processes to ensure customers a consistent, trustworthy and quality experience every time they shopped at Joyalukkas. "These are the key ingredients required to become a global brand and a successful corporate. At Joyalukkas, we follow seamless processes and stringent quality checks to meet the discerning demands of all our customers, and we continue to put in an effort to identify any new and innovative techniques and ideas available to better our customer's experience and give them peace of mind," the CMD adds.
"The consumer demands keep changing constantly and currently the pace of change in mindset is even faster, hence constantly keeping updated on customers' needs and meeting their demands is the only way to better their experience," he notes.
Joy Alukkas admits that in his professional life there were ups and downs. "Like all businessmen, I have had my share of failures. I don't like to share this since I feel success is what inspires others and failure is what teaches oneself."
Speaking about his achievements, he says, "Everything I have accomplished to date is a dream come true. I had never imagined or visualised creating such a huge global organisation when I started my journey. I just kept resetting my goals every time I achieved something, and this has helped me to aim higher and push for bigger accomplishments."
Joy Alukkas notes that the gold and jewellery industry in the UAE is continually changing. "As I said, consumer expectations are constantly changing, and we see this in our industry as well. I don't see this detrimental for the future of the industry but at the same time if one is not nimble and ready to change at the pace the consumers' demands are changing, then survival could be a struggle."
Was there a time when he almost gave up? Joy Alukkas replies, "I come from a business background. Hence risk-taking is part of my DNA. In business, my motto is, 'never give up'," he concludes.

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