UAE combats Covid-19: 50,000 workers to be screened in a month

Dubai - 'We will be working with businesses across the UAE to ensure their workforces stay safe'

By Saman Haziq

Published: Thu 9 Apr 2020, 8:07 PM

Last updated: Fri 10 Apr 2020, 3:53 AM

A massive initiative has been launched by healthcare provider Right Health and Al Futtaim Health's HealthHub to screen 50,000 workers for Covid-19 within a month.
"The chances of spread are higher among blue-collar workers as several of them stay together in one room and, therefore, are unable to practice social distancing," said Jayan Krishna Pillai, CEO of Right Health.
Out of the 58 facilities across the UAE, 33 primary health centres of the Right Health are located at the workers' accommodation areas in Jebel Ali, Sonapur and Al Qouz.
"We will be working with businesses across the UAE to ensure their workforces stay safe and healthy. It is essential that private healthcare providers do everything they can to support the government's efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. The objective of this campaign is to screen as many people as possible.
"A number of construction companies approached us to screen and conduct tests on the blue-collar workers at sites. We decided to collaborate with Al Futtaim Health, to conduct Covid-19 tests," he added.
Dr Haider Al Yousuf, managing director of Al Futtaim Health, said: "This partnership will focus on the early identification of infection, isolation and contact tracing to flatten the curve and reduce the rate of infection. This initiative will support the nation's strategy to slow down the spread of Covid-19 at a greater level."
Pillai added: "We have created a joint Right Health and Health Hub medical team to conduct the mass screening campaign. The sessions will include health screenings, awareness sessions, and education seminars providing tips on how to stay safe including advice on effective social distancing and hygiene standards.
"Any suspected case will be given an onsite Covid-19 test. Should the samples prove positive then they will be referred into the appropriate government facilities for treatment."

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