Covid vaccine UAE: Residents report no side effects after second dose

Faridun Egamov takes the second dose of Sinopharm vaccine. Photo: Supplied
Faridun Egamov takes the second dose of Sinopharm vaccine. Photo: Supplied

Abu Dhabi - They are encouraging others to join the government’s fight against the pandemic

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Ashwani Kumar

Published: Tue 5 Jan 2021, 6:25 PM

Last updated: Tue 5 Jan 2021, 6:36 PM

Residents who have taken the second dose of the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine are in a jubilant mood and reportedly feeling no side effects.

Many of them took the jab last month and are leading examples for others to join the government’s commitment to fight the pandemic.

On December 31, Filipina expat Rebien Tesalona took the second dose at one of the health centres run by Abu Dhabi Health Services (Seha). On Tuesday, January 5, she is actively working as a data entry clerk.

“I am happy. I feel normal. There is no side effect. I didn't even feel any pain while getting the jab. I want to tell everyone that the vaccine is safe,” she said.

Noushad Arakkal took the second dose in December and feels more confident than ever while working with his shipping company.

“Many people would discourage you by warning about side effects, but I didn’t have any problems. I had a slight headache, but that was it. I feel very secure now. I still don’t know if I will get Covid-19 or not. I will take all precautionary measures. But vaccination is the safest way to protect yourselves,” the Indian expat said.

Usman Sayyab, a Pakistani expat working as a customer care supervisor, said more than 20 of his friends and colleagues have taken the second dose recently and none have complained about any health issues.

“I took my second dose. I don’t feel anything unusual. I am going to my gym sessions. My colleagues and friends are also leading a normal lifestyle.”

Frazer Watson Skinner, a school teacher from the UK, felt great after taking the second shot.

“The arm where they gave the injection is a bit sore. Obviously, [since] they stuck a needle in it. But otherwise, I've had no side effects at all. I feel normal as on any regular day. It was an incredibly positive experience,” Skinner said a day after taking the jab at NMC Specialty Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Faridun Egamov, a store keeper at an auto firm in Al Ain, is encouraging others to take the jab too.

“I am feeling fine and have had no issues for a while. After taking the first dose, on the same day, it was a bit hard for me to lift heavy items. But now, after taking the second dose, I didn’t feel any such effect. I could lift heavy items and work normally,” said the expat from Uzbekistan.

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