SRK juggling TV and movie projects

SRK juggling TV and movie projects

SRK says he decided to come onboard for the show because he did not want to let go of an original format like this.

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Published: Wed 18 Feb 2015, 9:12 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 7:27 PM

Shah Rukh KhanShah Rukh Khan is shooting back-to-back for India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun? and his next film Fan but the superstar says he is enjoying interacting with real people on the TV show despite a physically-gruelling schedule.

“Shooting for this show while working on Fan has been very hectic but what has kept me going is meeting real people. This show is about common people be it the questions or the answers. It is very tough physically but mentally I am on a break as I get to talk to so many people. I am having fun,” Shah Rukh said.

“I start Fan by 1pm and finish by 6am and then I come here by 11.30-12am and shoot till 11pm before heading back to Fan.”

SRK says he decided to come onboard for the show because he did not want to let go of an original format like this.

“I find the medium of TV very interesting but I don’t know how to handle the fiction part of it. I like game shows and I always wanted to hit it right with a game show. This has not been seen in India and is based on an interesting concept,” he says.The actor says as someone who came from a normal background, he likes being a part of aspirational stories.

“I have always maintained that I come from a common background like many other people in India. Sometimes some very special things happen to people, you become popular, famous and successful but you don’t compartmentalise it. I really want to see people have that one opportunity which gives them that one chance,” he says. The only aspect that Shah Rukh hates about hosting a game show is watching people lose. “I feel awful when someone loses. Most of the contestants are my favourite and I want them to win but there are days when they make mistakes. I try to help them out but I feel bad. I hate that part of hosting but what is nice is that most people come and tell me that they were happy to have met me. I tell them that they played well and give them my love.”

Television is often blamed for not catering to young audiences and the actor too feels that there is a lacuna when it comes to entertainment content for youngsters. “I am not blaming anyone because you have to make what sells. It is business at the end of the day. But young people don’t have enough content in any field be it films, TV, Internet or radio. There is a huge space in this area and somebody has to take a call. It is not just about films with younger actors... The films should evoke the questions, answers, desires and aspirations that young people have. There is a huge gap for entertainment for the youth in this country and I feel in 10-15 years, it would be the biggest growth area,” he says.

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