Om Alone

While wife Farah Khan is basking in the glory of her latest directorial venture Om Shanti Om and hogging the limelight, husband Shirish Kunder is missing

BUZZ IS that the editor turned director Shirish Kunder is annoyed with Farah’s friendship and camaraderie with Shah Rukh Khan, who also happens to be the producer of the film and hence is keeping away from the celebrations following Om Shanti Om’s success

While Farah knows that it is important to keep the producer happy and in this case an old friend and superstar Shah Rukh, Shirish seems to be least concerned about his wife’s success and is holding on to his past grudge with Shah Rukh.

Shirish, reportedly, dislikes Shah Rukh because he refused to do his forthcoming film Joker. Apparently Shah Rukh told Shirish that he would do the film if Shirish made a few changes in the script.

Rather than discussing the issue with Shah Rukh, Shirish started bad mouthing Shah Rukh. Shirish reportedly said, “he may be a superstar but he can’t tamper with my script!” When Shah Rukh got a whiff of Shirish’s stories he reported the matter to Farah who questioned Shirish and is said to have told him “behave properly.” This incident naturally hurt Shirish’s ego and he started hating SRK all the more for instigating his wife against him.

To add insult to injury, at the music release of Om Shanti Om Shah Rukh publicly snubbed Shirish who came to greet him. All through the event Shah Rukh continued to ignore Shirish. A source present at the party says that once Shah Rukh entered the party Farah left Shirish’s side and was seen entertaining the Press alongside Shah Rukh. At another function of Om Shanti Om when Shirish was ignored again, he got so drunk that he was seen hitting on random women and was even caught by the Press behaving badly.” This incident reportedly caused a lot of stress to Farah who’s currently pregnant with triplets. Said a friend, "Shirish is being treated like some outsider in this Om Shanti Om set up. Farah should realize that he is her husband and give him due respect publicly. Shah Rukh may be the producer of her film and deserves attention but not to the extent of ignoring her husband at all public dues. No wonder Shirish feels frustrated and misbehaves. I think he does that only to get Farah’s attention. Which husband will like to be treated like a side-kick.”

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