Meduza all set for their Dubai performance

Meduza all set for their Dubai performance

Grammy nominated Meduza to captivate his Dubai audience

By Enid Parker

Published: Thu 5 Dec 2019, 3:46 PM

Last updated: Wed 11 Dec 2019, 6:07 PM

Chart-climbing Italian house producers Meduza who were recently nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording (Piece of Your Heart featuring Goodboys) are preparing to play Soho Garden in Dubai on Friday, December 6.
Piece of Your Heart is a UK Platinum Certified Single that sold over 900,000 and peaked at #2 in the UK Singles Charts.
Following on from releasing one of the biggest dance records of this year, Meduza have just put out Lose Control with London based pop artist Becky Hill and Goodboys and since its release is climbing the UK charts.
We caught up with Matt Vitale of the band ahead of their Soho Garden act.
You've been nominated for a Best Dance Recording Grammy - how does that feel?
I still can't believe it, I honestly don't know how to describe this feeling. It's something unbelievable, from our wildest dreams. We've seen some of our favourite acts in this industry be nominated since we were all quite young. When you're a child and see your hero walk across that stage you think- I would like to be like them one day.. and then this happens. This is the feeling.
How did the collaboration with Goodboys for Piece of Your Heart happen?
We were in a studio session with a bunch of different writers over a couple of weeks - at the time we're just letting the creative flow happen - POYH was born after a great session with Goodboys, we didn't go into the session knowing it would eventually grow into this.
Did you imagine that Piece of Your Heart would become such a huge hit? Why according to you did it resonate with the public so much?
We just make the music that we love and feel we would enjoy listening to. We don't make music with the focus of being successful, only of making quality music, its all about making great house music at the end of the day. 
Not much is known about the three of you. How would you describe yourselves to house music lovers?
We are music lovers overall, not only house. We love to take inspiration from every genre of music, we particularly love house because we think it is the music that moves your body and your soul connectively. 
What message do you have for your fans here in Dubai?
I can't wait to play there at Soho Garden and feel the warmth of the crowd. I'm super excited for that show, I can't wait!

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