Even though it's just a few days of festivities left, the spirits of visitors to Dubai have not dampened. The best is yet to come they feel and they sure are right.

As the many offers, activity and promotions run in full all through the closing days of this summer of fun people are looking forward to try their luck for the bumper winnings.

When people disembarked from their flights to Dubai for the final week of DSS, the welcoming committee was present at the Dubai International Airport to greet them. As VIPs they were brought right into the ambience of frolic by a special welcoming ceremony that was attended by Abdullah Al Najar, head of the Civil Aviation committee, Mohammed Ibrahim bin Kelban, deputy head of the Back-2-School organising committee, representatives of the DSS office and Modhesh, the ever smiling DSS mascot. Clowns, girls dressed in traditional UAE costumes decorated with gold and henna, and mascot characters representing the Back-2-School Surprises — pencil, rubber, calculator, ruler, computer, and pencil case kept the carnival spirit alive for one and all.

Said Mohamed Ibrahim bin Kelban, “This is my first time participating in DSS. This is the first time the Development Board has organised one of the surprise weeks of DSS. There are six other members in the Back-2-School Surprises organising committee from the Development Board. Around 27 events have been put together, they span across eight shopping malls — Mercato, Deira City Centre, Al Ghurair City, Ibn Battuta Mall, Hamarain Centre, Bin Souqat Centre, Al Reef Mall, and Al Bustan Centre. In addition there are events and activities hosted at Modhesh Fun City and Dubai International Airport.”

He added, “Since this is the first time we are organising the Back-2-School Surprises all the events are real surprises for the residents and visitors - both adults and children. We have tried to be as effective as possible in our participation. Welcoming the visitors is the curtain raiser for our events of the week and for the same we have arranged for a number of gifts to be distributed to the visitors at the airport and also throughout the surprises week.”

Gamzan Gamzan Alkahali, a businessman from Yemen who is here with his family of three said, “DSS is a world famous event now due to the kind of coverage that it gets. I have travelled to many countries around the world and heard a lot about DSS.

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