Kim's loss seems to be mummy's gain

NOW THAT Kim and Yuvraj have finally split, mommy dear should be heaving a sigh of relief. This ultra volatile relationship had Kim and Yuvraj coming from contrasting backgrounds and different career paths.

Yuvraj was brought up in a conservative Punjabi home by a divorcee mum in Chandigarh. While cricket may have changed a lot for him, it definitely didn't affect his roots or lifestyle. But Yuvraj did make a lot of adjustments for lady love Kim; even wanting to settle down.

Kim on the other hand, while trying to establish herself in films, wanted more time. While she was seen at all of Yuvi's cricket matches and even sported his ring, she knew that he was too much under the influence of his mother. Often voicing this to Yuvi, the two even broke up earlier over this issue. But when she finally did agree to marry him sometime in the near future, she also told Yuvi to buy a home of their own, so that they could live separately.

His mother Shabnam however, was repeatedly heard saying that she didn't want her son to get hitched to a Bollywood actress as it would affect her son's cricketing career. Apparently, she wasn't very pleased with Kim's onscreen image and exposure. For Yuvraj's mother (divorced) perhaps it's a case of once bitten twice shy; since Yuvi's dad was also a former film actor in Punjabi movies.

But Yuvi's aunts from Punjab and Delhi seem to have taken a more lenient view of Kim and kept in touch with her. They were thrilled about her being a film actress and always looked out for her at shows or on television. Some consolation for Kim and she too made an effort to get close to his family.

As for Yuvraj, he was madly in love with Kim despite the rumours linking her to various other men, while they were going around. First there were stories of her seeing VJ Yudi. And more recently, she was apparently spotted kissing and cuddling with Vivek Oberoi on a Mumbai-Delhi flight. Still, he wanted to make his relationship with Kim permanent and the two had almost reached a conclusion on this. But suddenly and virtually overnight, they have split this time for good.

A friend of Yuvraj says that he has always felt responsible for his mother. She has brought him up singly and has been most instrumental in his success. While a source close to Kim says, "Their relationship has been topsy-turvy for a while now. In fact things have become so bad that Yuvraj has been repeatedly avoiding her phone-calls for a month." Most recently, Yuvi was headed towards a pub at Phoenix Mills with friends. But when he heard that Kim was also there, he turned his car right around and headed home.

If indeed he has bowed to emotional pressure from his mum, there's no way things can be repaired. As for Kim, her loss seems to be mummy's gain.

The truth about Kim-Yuvi breakup

PEOPLE CLOSE to Yuvraj's family insist it was Kim's 'obsessive and abusive' behaviour that led to the couple's breakup, and not Yuvraj's mother's disapproval.

Yuvraj Singh's four-year innings with Kim Sharma has come to an end. This, when just a few days ago, there were rumours about them being ready to walk down the aisle. But, it seems the cricketer-actress' liaison is not meant to be. And, the reason behind the split is supposed to be Yuvraj's mother Shabnam, who didn't approve of her son's choice and Kim's habit of exposing too much in films. However, a source close to the family says this isn't true. "Shabnam Singh had nothing to do with this. It was Yuvraj's decision alone. People like to believe that Yuvraj is a mamma's boy and lets his mother take all decisions for him. But that's not true. He's close to his mother, but that doesn't mean he's tied to her pallu."

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