How Shahid broke Vidya’s heart...

How Shahid broke Vidya’s heart...

VIDYA BALAN was in shock when Shahid ignored her at a function recently. She did not realise how deeply involved she had become with him until then.

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Published: Mon 28 Jul 2008, 9:25 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Apr 2015, 1:25 PM

She confided to a friend, that she never expected him to suddenly change his caring attitude towards her.

Said her friend, “Vidya has not been able to enjoy the success of her film because of this. It is quite surprising to us too. While they were doing the promotions for Kismet Konnection he was so attentive, once that got over he completely changed and went into a total reserve.”

People blame his sudden change to Sania Mirza.

Rumours say that it is she who asked Shahid to cut relations with her (Vidya) because of all the rumours linking them together. The relationship between Sania and him got strained with all these rumours of his affair with Vidya. Shahid had assured her that they were just stories but she could not help it if they upset her.

Also, Vidya did nothing to deny them. In fact, she would always hint that there may have been something on between them and naturally the media lapped it up. It is only recently that Vidya said that the certain ‘S’ that she was referring to had been her close buddy and not Shahid as the Press reported. Neither Shahid or Vidya could openly deny a relationship as it may have gone against the publicity of the film! Or maybe they had their moments too...

“But, the real story is that it is Vidya who fell for Shahid. She sort of misunderstood his behaviour. At first she became his confidante and gave him her shoulder to cry on. The more they were together in the beautiful romantic locales the closer she became to him. It was a very one-sided relationship,” insists the insider. “Shahid did not have any romantic ideas about Vidya. It is she who blew up everything in her mind thinking Shahid liked her, but did not want to get into anything serious as it was too soon after his break up with Kareena.

Every time Sania’s name came up Shahid would deny it. So Vidya continued to dream up her fairytale.

One cannot really blame Shahid because he was just being his usual private self.

She was a girl besotted and could not see otherwise.

The same thing had happened to her on the sets of Salaam-e-Ishq. John was being his very charming self and Vidya got carried away. They did spend time together but for John it was just a passing fancy. Vidya misunderstood his flirtation and talked about him to someone who spilled the beans.”

The source continued, “In the meantime Shahid was getting involved with Sania and visa versa. They had no intentions of making their fondness for each other public. They would constantly meet when they could and always claimed they were ‘just good friends’. It was only when she dropped in on the sets of Kaminay that news of them being together spread like wild fire. Now why would someone come on the sets and spend an entire day chatting in his van if there was nothing on? And why would Shahid arrange a special screening of his film for Sania the next day? He even introduced her to his father who gave his approval. Cannot say if it is love but he seems to be very happy and content spending time with her. His father too seems happy that he has finally found someone to be with. Pankaj never thought his son would get over Kareena for a long time to come. Maybe that is why Shahid wants to hide his relationship. There was too much information out during his relationship with Kareena.

“Vidya is quite innocent in the ways of Bollywood and should learn not to give her heart away so easily,” concludes the source.

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