Art with a timeless appeal

Artist Pino Daeni, whose works feature in the upcoming Cancer Awareness Art Exhibition, creates a fairytale world in his paintings

By Layla Haroon (Contributor)

Published: Thu 22 Nov 2007, 11:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:37 AM

A LOOK at his ubiquitous canvases transports one to the legendary English era of Pre-Raphaelitism - an expressive intense artistic movement.

He is the painter of high emotions, tender feelings, passionate relations, and everlasting memories. Through his work the globally-recognised Italian artist Pino Daeni creates worlds of fairytales in sheer lushness of bushy landscapes. His sense of self is portrayed in contours of soft romantic characters, mostly women, clad in sinuous skirts and dresses and blushed with stimulating hues of both warm friendly sensations and forlorn feelings.

City Times has a heart-to-heart chat with Pino Daeni.

What works are you exhibiting in the forthcoming art exhibition?

The artworks I am exhibiting are thought out specifically for this event. The collection includes, I believe, a perfect balance and diversification of my favourite subjects: women, elderly men and still life. They absolutely are perfect for the theme of the exhibition – breast cancer awareness – as they portray women. I am always there for the right cause. I am always available for helping positively.

How do you feel exhibiting your realistic artwork in a realm where the trend is for the abstract?

I do understand that my paintings are new to this region, new to its taste. What I hope to accomplish is to be well received by a new audience and support a cause close to my heart.

What is the mystery behind posing women in your paintings?

I myself cannot solve this mystery – the mystery of women. They dominate my paintings, they have an extraordinary beauty. When I was a young boy I was always surrounded by beautiful women, my sisters, aunts and cousins. I try to illustrate the various emotional states, the movements and expressions I read and studied observing them, ranging from adoration, affection, dedication, sadness and isolation. I am always fascinated by their beauty.

Your work seems to be expressionistic.

Yes! Expressionistic art takes the subject and personalises it and transfers that personalised perspective on to the canvas. I am an emotional artist and consider myself an expressionist.

Tell us about your childhood days. Were your memories an inspiration for your paintings?

In my childhood years, I was at times encouraged and then discouraged by my father. When he realised I wanted to be a professional artist, he was scared for me. I perfected my skills painting nudes and figure studies heavily influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites and Macchiaioli. After establishing myself in Italy I travelled to the States to seek more artistic freedom and opportunity. I grew up surrounded by women. Those same women inspire me even today. Presently, I work very closely with my son; after all, he is my publisher.

Exhibition: Pino

Date: November 26 - 29

Venue: DIFC Atrium, The Gate

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