A starry future for Abhi-Ash

HAVING GRABBED most eyeballs over the past so many days, the most beautiful couple in tinselville tied the knot. As Abhishek and Aishwarya get set to take the road to matrimonial bliss, astrologers reveal what the stars predict for them.

Tolerance is the mantra: Bejan Daruwala

Abhishek is an Aquarian, while Aishwarya is a Scorpio. Both are 'Fixed' signs, which means that both are obstinate and stubborn. Beyond a certain point, they will not tolerate and adjust too easily with each other.

They got married on Akshaya Tritiya day, which the world knows is an excellent day but what they don't know is that April 20 is a day which is replete with powerful energies. It is also the day when Hitler was born. While there is a negative element attached to this date, it is also full of powerful energies. It is up to both Abhishek and Ash to use these to their advantage.

The mantra for them is tolerance. Supposing they have a fight. Amidst all the shouting and roaring, Abhishek must also say these three words out loud, 'I love you'. And Ash can add, 'I need you' to that. This works as an effective balm all the time, because if you look at it from the psychological point of view, women like to be loved and men like to be needed. Saturn, according to western astrology, will not be happy till September 2. But, after that, it will be better.

A happy marriage: Rajeshwar Shastri

I foresee a good relationship between Abhishek and Aishwarya. Bachchan saab has done all the pujas to remove the dosh in this relationship. He had been visiting temples in the North and South India to ensure that the Mangal that was coming in the way of the marriage has been appeased.

And now, both of them will have a successful marriage. Both Abhi and Ash will pursue their own careers. Ash might stop work for one or two years in between, not otherwise. I think they will have two children - one boy and one girl.

Having personally seen Aishwarya's janampatri, I know for a fact that her sitare are very buland, more powerful than Abhishek's. There could be some difficult times in their married life, but none that will lead to a break-up. In all, it'll be a happy married life for them.

Excellent Compatibility: Richa Shukla

A careful look at the horoscopes of both Abhi and Ash reveals that both their charts are very promising and exceptionally good, and the hyped Manglik dosh is also negated. The compatibility between this couple is excellent.

If we calculate Venus that signifies conjugal bliss, in Abhishek's chart it indicates separation, and for Aishwarya Saturn's position indicates misunderstandings in the initial years of marriage. Both are under the influence of their respective mothers. Ash is particularly attached to her family, so it will be difficult for her to accept any new relationship. Also, Aishwarya might not respond to Abhishek's love with the same passion as he does.

Adjustment Problems: Naveen Shukla

The marriage will face a few adjustment problems in the first few months. After mid-2008, when Jupiter changes its sign, the second half of the year will witness the arrival of a new-born in their home and the marriage will then strengthen and compatibility will improve. The child will be lucky for both the parents who will command fame and popularity, specially overseas.

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