7 great pocasts for 7 days in the UAE


When Women Win with Rana Nawas
When Women Win with Rana Nawas

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By David Light

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Published: Sun 22 Mar 2020, 11:07 AM

Last updated: Mon 23 Mar 2020, 1:54 PM

THERE'S ONLY SO much Netflix we can consume, agreed? While local radio and news outlets also provide a different kind of stimulation as well as invaluable info, sometimes you just want to escape into your own headphones for an hour or so and perhaps learn something completely new. Podcasts are a wonderful source of facts and entertainment with topics on literally anything and experts to impart their knowledge. Into knitting? There is a show out there for all you crochet fans. Curious about the history of Volkswagens? Car casts are some of the most downloaded. To make life a bit easier we've set out seven programmes, which may take your mind off things for a bit each day and ignite or satiate your passion for acquiring novel information.
B For Better Health
We just spoke with UAE personal trainer and nutritionist Baraa El Sabbagh about staying fit while at home, but you can listen to her yourself on the popular podcast, B For Better Health. With episodes titled 'Is A Vegetarian Diet Better For You?' and 'Will Protein Help You lose Weight?' they possess all you need to know about keeping healthy. "I interview experts in the health field and get a lot of advice and tips that I love sharing with my listeners," El Sabbagh recently told us.
Duolingo - various languages                
Duolingo is the world's largest education app, offering you the chance to learn a new language with fun and interesting word games. A brilliant accompaniment to the 'click and play' visual tool are the weekly podcasts comprising feature stories told by a native speaker. Tales are imparted clearly and slowly so you don't miss a beat. The Spanish version has incredible perspectives including an account from an Argentinean soldier on his time during the Falklands War, a female Colombian race driver and a Peruvian football fan who made his way from Lima to Moscow for one match during the last World Cup.
When Women Win
A UAE success story, When Women Win sees Rana Nawas bring boss ladies from around the world to share their inspirational stories and practical tools to help professional women get ahead. In the latest episode Nawas meets Nisreen Shocair, who has held various positions within the music, entertainment and retail industries at Virgin, Sony Music, and others. "Podcasts can be anything you want them to be," Nawas recently told us. "They are our coach, our mentor, our teacher, and our entertainer."
Off Menu
The Off Menu Podcast features British comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster interviewing a famous name in the world of entertainment, food or occasionally politics about their dream meal. It's as simple as that. The Starter Boy (Gamble) and Pudding Boy (Acaster) tease out their guest's ideal appetiser, main course, side and dessert and the reasons behind their choices. Make sure to listen for some cracking recipes along the way such as singer Cerys Matthews' Death By Chocolate drink.
Rule Of Three
"I could write a TV show." Ever thought those four magic words? When it comes to producing a hit everyone thinks they're Larry David, but how many of us actually take out the old laptop and begin drafting the next Seinfeld? Maybe Rule Of Three will inspire you to put pen to paper (figuratively speaking). Each episode British television writers Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris sit down with a celebrity guest to talk about the influential work they enjoyed when growing up. The piece in question is dissected and discussed along with anecdotes from both Hazeley and Morris as well as the contributor. The episode featuring comedian Miles Jupp analysing '90s behemoth Frasier is a great hopping-on point.
Football Ramble Daily
A fixture since 2007, the Football Ramble evolved from a bi-weekly to daily show last year in order to provide more up-to-date soccer news and expert analysis. Friday and Monday still see the original foursome of Luke Moore, Pete Donaldson, Jim Campbell and Marcus Speller sit round a table (or link up via Skype at this time) to exchange more enlightened and often off-beat ideas on the game we love before topping off the episodes with a spirited round of The Masked Winger.
WTF w/ Marc Maron
What would the weekend be without a bit of celeb culture? Arguably the most popular podcast in the world, every week acerbic stand-up Marc Maron invites a notable figure into his WTF home garage to record a deep dive into the person in question's life and career. Leaving no stone unturned, the intimate conversations reveal everything you ever wanted to know about the guest.

Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble
Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble
The Football Ramble Daily
The Football Ramble Daily

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