From customising meals to sharing recipes: Samsung's AI food platform to make cooking easy

It can also help make your butter-loaded dish healthier so you don't drift away from your fitness goal

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Published: Wed 6 Sep 2023, 7:05 PM

Samsung has launched an artificial intelligence-powered personalised cooking assistant at IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany. The Samsung Food platform can create customised meals for users, suggest new recipes and remotely control kitchen appliances. Samsung Food has been launched in 104 countries and is available in eight languages.

How does it work?

According to Samsung, its food platform has over 1,60,000 recipes. It allows its users to “discover, save, and bespoke your recipes, monitor and control your kitchen appliances remotely and share your favourite dishes with the world”.

Each Samsung Food user gets a unique digital recipe box while the platform allows adding new recipes or saving a recipe from the Internet. Samsung Food even customises recipes as per the user’s needs. You can make a recipe healthier, vegetarian or vegan by using the Personalised Recipe function of the platform.

The function can also bring down the cooking time of a meal by making changes in the ingredients or creating fusion dishes.

Samsung Food can also recognise dishes based on their images. Users can simply click a photo of the dish with their smartphone, and the Vision AI technology of Samsung Food will tell you what’s on the plate. You can know the ingredients of the recipe and also get recommendations of related recipes that you can save to your personal collection.

You can also connect with people on Samsung Food and share and discover exciting recipes worldwide. Users can also follow each other or their favourite content creators on the app.

How can Samsung Food make cooking easy?

Samsung Food platform is for both those who struggle to create a simple dish and those who have mastered the art of cooking but have run out of new ideas. Beginners can choose from a number of recipes and make what they find easy.

If you love the aroma of butter chicken but avoid eating non-vegetarian food, Samsung Food will turn the recipe vegetarian for you. It can also help make your butter-loaded dish healthier so you don’t drift away from your fitness goal.

For users who are looking for a well-balanced diet, they can make use of Samsung Food to eat the right amounts of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Chefs who want to develop a new food fusion can seek help from the Samsung platform and give their dish a unique twist.


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