Selling or buying used cars was NEVER so easy!

Selling or buying used cars was NEVER so easy!
Haseeb Malik and Usama Arshad

Weladela is the world's only win-win raffle that not only gets you a car, but also offers redeemable points against your spending Weladela is the world's only win-win raffle that not only gets you a car, but also offers redeemable points against your spending


Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Mon 8 Oct 2018, 12:13 PM

Last updated: Mon 8 Oct 2018, 2:18 PM, an online portal, has made life easy if you wish to sell your car. Same is the case for those who want to buy a used automobile. But the catch comes as Weladela, a unique concept of its own, makes it possible to grab a car for just as low as Dh25. All you need to do is to register with them and buy a ticket, corresponding to the value of the car floated online. Weladela ensures that your listed car for sale is sold, and the value of raffle entrusted with it comes back to you with definite dividends. It's a win-win situation for all, and the utility of Weladela is that it embodies a fool-proof and transparent mechanism to enable the sale and purchase of automobiles. It's just a click away!
Haseeb Malik and Usama Arshad are the men behind this innovation. With their professional expertise in information technology, they bid adieu to banking, where they were well-placed, to become entrepreneurs. Their initiative and subsequent project execution are no less than a gossip. What started as a casual chat between two buddies is now a reality in the UAE's booming market of sale and purchase online. Their software is evolving into a big success, and the initial response is quite encouraging. Weladela is shaking up the whole used car business in the UAE, and as Usama says, "It is making more waves than the Aquaventure Park."
It has attracted attention from the powers-that-be, as it is recognised as one of the most innovative and promising businesses by various government supported ecosystems. Weladela has been shortlisted for the upcoming GITEX Future Stars, which is the world's third-largest start-up exhibition. 
The first raffle draw will be conducted in the next few weeks under the aegis of the Dubai Economic Department, which confirms its credence as a trust-worthy portal for financial transactions. The beauty of the deal at Weladela is that it helps car owners sell their used cars with a simple fun-loaded raffle draw, for the desired price, to people who want to get their hands on the best deal without paying much. All you need to do is to post an advertisement for your used car, and Weladela will get back to you with a definite price offer after evaluating the car's credentials, and will assure its sale at your price-tag proposition! "We are solution providers. We unite the seller and the lucky buyer," Usama enthralled Weladela's utility.
Weladela's business strategy is an open secret. This makes it credible enough, though. It divides the car price by six-hundred and sells that many raffle tickets.  Once all tickets are sold, the draw is held. Whereas in other raffle draws elsewhere, one never comes to know the exact number of tickets sold. Thus, Weladela increases the chances of winning manifold by putting a slab of 600 entrants per vehicle draw. Another important point worth mentioning, is that they do not pressurize the already stressed seller instead assist them in attaining the best deal, which seldom happens in a lot of used car portals.
Usama boasts the indispensability of Weladela by saying, "We believe that the journey from waiting for a taxi to owning your car is only Dh25." Weladela's is the only website in the world that offers redeemable points against your spending, and the only raffle that refunds money.
Haseeb, nonetheless, is quite astute and has a firm managerial grip, as he explains that Weladela has simply ploughed the gap between buyer and seller, and "We act as the honest broker." He says, "We are trying to facilitate the low-income people, and this deal is one of the best in the world of odds."
The new emerging entrepreneurs' passion for cars has opened new vistas of business, as they look for many more household items, cell phones and even real estate to be thrown open on a raffle, providing a level playing field for everyone to grab the lion's share at the end of the draw. 
Weladela has an ambitious canvas before itself and has plans to expand to other GCC countries. "Transparency is our motto, and we look forward to gaining credibility with our fairness," Haseeb remarked, saying, "Dubai and the UAE is the best place to buoy credibility as it is one of the best-regulated markets."
Buy a ticket, and lay your hands on a startling automobile!

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