Polish firms eye UAE to supply medical devices

Polish firms eye UAE to supply medical devices
Moneer Faour, Dubai Bureau Chief, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, during the Arab Health 2018 on Tuesday.

Rohma Sadaqat

Published: Tue 30 Jan 2018, 7:03 PM

Last updated: Tue 30 Jan 2018, 10:23 PM

With the UAE's healthcare industry continuing to show a steady growth, several Polish companies are looking to make their presence known in the market, especially in terms of medical devices. 
Speaking to Khaleej Times at the Arab Health 2018 exhibition, Moneer Faour, Dubai Bureau Chief, Polish Investment & Trade Agency, spoke about the agency recently opening an office in the region and its plans to facilitate the trade between the UAE and Polish medical companies. 
"We just set up our trade office in Dubai in DIFC in the beginning of this year, with the objective of promoting several Polish industries," he said. "One of them is the medical devices industry. We hope to expand our presence in the region through international exhibitions such as Arab Health. Today, we have around 50 Polish companies exhibiting at the event, showcasing a number of different products and equipment." 
"Some Polish companies already have their products available in the market, through their respective distributors," he further explained. "The Polish medical sector is very broad, ranging from surgical equipment, monitoring equipment, and medical wearables. We have almost everything that an agency would need to equip a clinic or hospital in terms of hardware." 
The Polish medical equipment market is valued at approximately Dh10 billion. Back in 2010, the export value of medical devices was Dh1.6 billion, and since then Poland has dynamically expanded its product diversity to cash-in Dh4.6 billion from exports in 2016, which represents a Dh3 billion leap.n 2016, 32 per cent of this export reached Western Europe, and 50 per cent of export remained within the EU, where Germany remains the country's the largest export market.
Faour however, notes that the UAE is an important market for Poland, as it is a strategic trade hub to several important markets in the region. He also said that Polish medical equipment producers and distributers have great potential for international expansion. 
"Innovative and high-quality products manufactured by Polish companies have increasingly found opportunities for overseas success. Government promotion programs such Brand enhance exposure, and make it easier to reach far markets, not yet considered," says Witold Wlodarczyk, director-general of Polmed, Poland's Medical Chamber.
The main group of exported medical equipment from Poland include devices used for treatment, surgery, dental and veterinary specialisations. Throughout the period of 2004-2016, these device groups comprised between 60-70 per cent of total medical devices exported from Poland. - rohma@khaleejtimes.com

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