Now get your gadgets repaired with a click


Now get your gadgets repaired with a click
Ziyad Bangara, CMO of Fixerman and Jassim Bangara, CEO of Fixerman. - Supplied photos

Published: Mon 1 Apr 2019, 4:05 PM

Last updated: Tue 2 Apr 2019, 9:02 AM

Our lives are surrounded with gadgets and they do have an expiry date and sometimes they need services and repairs. With a mission to provide all gadget related care, Dubai-based startup Fixerman has launched a comprehensive 'mobile' service centre.
The venture started on this novel concept by converting a large sized van, Toyota Hiace (also called Fixervan - Purple), into a full fledged built-in laboratory capable of conducting all phone repairs and other services at the remote location of the customer. Meeting Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP) standards, all of Fixerman's equipment is ESD Compliant - which ensures the safety of the device.
Jassim Bangara, CEO of Fixerman, said: "For now, we are completely self-funded and are looking to tap into external funding for the next phase of our growth. Within the next year, we will be looking to raise external funding as the business stabilises and we expand our operations. So far we have invested Dh1 million and we are looking to raise an additional Dh1.5 million over the course of next year."
Bangara explains the startup initially started with fixing phones, but is now fixing laptops and tablets as well. Along with Fixervan, startup has also added Fixerhawk. "Fixerhawk is a two wheeler bike we have added to our fleet, which will enable us to pick up and drop off any device from any given location in Dubai In the near future, we plan to expand our geographical coverage; we know that finding the right service partner is a challenge in many places. Our expansion plans are vested in building trust with the customer," added Bangara.
So does Fixerman face any competition? Yes! says Bangara. "We do have competitors in the market and I think competition keeps us on our toes. However we believe that we have achieved a breakthrough in terms of the service we provide the customer. Being able to fix the device in front of the customer whilst maintaining international industry standards of fixing is unique and that truly sets us apart. All our technicians are qualified with 5 years of professional experience and 2 years of technical training. Additionally, we give 2 years warranty (a real warranty) so that customers have the ease of mind that we have their back.We have also differentiated ourselves with a mobile service centre that is powered by solar energy - Fixervan is the world's first solar powered mobile service centre!"
"Despite being in the industry for more than nine years this idea sounded fresh and futuristic. In today's day and age, 'time' is everything. Previously I worked at an organisation where we took seven days to return a device to the customer and I have seen their pain as a result. Fixerman aimed to solve that problem. Additionally, I was thrilled to be part of a team that had a far-fetched vision to 'fix' the problems customers face 'today'. At Fixerman, we are working for tomorrow - not for today or yesterday," said Ziyad Bangara CMO of Fixerman.
"When we conducted our market study, we immediately felt that the business has a value proposition that taps into a gap in the market. We believed that if the idea is executed correctly it would reap a lot of benefits. The operating model of Fixerman is unique as it is unlike anything we have come across. What we loved most about Fixerman was that it was built on what we all love most - convenience; by going to the customer and fixing the device in person. From the customer's standpoint, it surely gives a sense of comfort and relief knowing that your device is still close by. Also, with its 'Just In Time' Inventory model, we see reduced risk of inventory obsolescence. After working out the numbers, we were sure to place our bet on it."
Fixerman's equipment installed in the van is solar powered and every service, every fix, and all other care given inside the van is done using clean energy. "Fixerman offers customers the choice to visit their Studio 907 in Business Bay, which is fully equipped to provide almost any care the customers needs for their devices. All the certified technicians come with minimum of 2 years training and 5 years of experience which allows Fixerman to offer 2 years warranty on their fixes," added Bangara.
Fixerman recently announced their CSR initiative to bring awareness of the dangers and threats of e-waste, under the tagline "I will not be apart of this". The UAE is one of the major electronics consumers in the region. A UN-sponsored project found that the average resident in UAE generates 17.2 kilogrammes of e-waste every year, much of which contains harmful toxins such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury.
"Our initiative aims to address the country's e-waste management problem through collecting and recycling retired devices from your doorstep to minimise the impact of high electronic consumption on the environment. All e-waste is recycled locally in the UAE. So, get in touch with Fixerman today and we shall collect your e-waste at your doorstep," concluded Bangara.


Sandhya D'Mello

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